2003-12-05 Builds

  • Fixed: 203102 - URL typed into address bar lost after switching tabs; "Open in new tab" should prefill URI in address bar.
  • Fixed: 222191 - can't set frame location if frame name is "sidebar".
  • Continued regression: 227406 - version string issues on Windows: Firebird appears as "Next Generation browser for Microsoft Windows" instead of "Mozilla Firebird" in some places.
  • Continued regression: 227234 - Official Linux XFT+GTK2 build does not start.
  • Continued regression: 225269 - Can't use a bookmark as homepage.
  • Continued regression: 227282 - Download Manager silently overwrites files.

Windows builds: No official Windows builds (discussion), cypher77's G7 SSE, scragz's G7 SSE2

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2, daihard's, Yek's SSE xft+gtk2 with DOMi,Venkman

Mac builds: Official Mac

5 Responses to “2003-12-05 Builds”

  1. vfwlkr Says:

    203102 was huge! Too bad there are no official builds. I upgraded from 10/21 official to scargz sse2 build.

    Thanks again Jesse for this wonderful burning edge tracking.

  2. vfwlkr Says:

    Aaarghhh! I hate this ugly-F icon. What’s the bug number to fix it? ;-)

  3. wheerdam Says:

    203102 is at last fixed! It has been bugging me for a long time.

  4. Duey Says:

    I think it’s here: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=170677

    Also, if you can’t wait for an official one, you can learn how to change it here: http://texturizer.net/firebird/faq.html#icon


  5. Duey Says:

    uh, oops, I was replying to vfwlkr’s post about the new firebird icon :>