2003-12-04 Builds

  • Fixed: Part of 225695 - Searching Google from the search bar only works with ASCII characters.
  • Fixed: 225724 - Installer not including all files.
  • Fixed: 227183 - Download Manager doesn't close after a download has finished.
  • Fixed: Add "Remove" link back to download items.
  • Fixed: 226325 - trailing stationary caret remnant left after backspace. (This was fixed by backing out the fix for 98564 - caret overlaps the last character in textfield.)
  • Fixed (in yesterday's): 226835 - Sidebar grippy remains visible after closing sidebar opened from bookmark.
  • Continued regression: 227406 - version string issues on Windows: Firebird appears as "Next Generation browser for Microsoft Windows" instead of "Mozilla Firebird" in some places.
  • Continued regression: 227234 - Official Linux XFT+GTK2 build does not start.
  • Continued regression: 225269 - Can't use a bookmark as homepage.
  • Continued regression: 227282 - Download Manager silently overwrites files.

aebrahim posted -Oxs and -O1 versions of each of his optimized Windows builds. He asked for speed comparisons between -Oxs and -O1 (with other settings held constant).

Windows builds: No official Windows builds, cypher77's G7 SSE aebrahim's G7 SSE2, G7 SSE, G6 SSE, G7, MadmanNova's with MNG,DOMi, MozJF's gcc

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2, daihard's, Yek's SSE xft+gtk2 with DOMi,Venkman, malcolmx's SSE2 xft+gtk2

Mac builds: Official Mac

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