2003-10-29 Builds

  • Fixed: "Print" and "Page Setup" buttons in Print Preview don't work.
  • Continued regression: 222157 - View Source: Save As, Find don't work.

Windows builds: Official Windows (Discussion), aebrahim's G7, MozJF's gcc, MadmanNova's MSVC with SVG,DOMi,Venkman, MadmanNova's MSVC with MNG, scragz's with DOMi,Venkman

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux+xft+gtk2, daihard's xft+gtk2 with inline autocomplete, aebrahim's SSE2 xft+gtk2

Mac builds: Official Mac

One Response to “2003-10-29 Builds”

  1. Neil Parks Says:

    Some long-standing print preview bugs 178485 and 215277 have been fixed in the Oct 29 release. The reversed Ctl-W and Alt-F4 functions have been corrected. Closing print preview when multiple tabs are open now correctly returns to the main browser.