2003-08-17 Builds

  • Fixed: 216219 - Unchecking "remember passwords" doesn't work
  • Lots of toolkit changes, but I think they're all code-level.
  • Continued regression: 215446 - "shaking" with some themes (does not affect default theme)
Official builds: Windows (discussion), Linux, Linux+gtk2+xft

6 Responses to “2003-08-17 Builds”

  1. Keir Says:

    Holy Cow Batman! I just got 8/17 build gtk2+xft linux build, and under Debian Sid (apt-get dist-upgraded yesterday) if i click View->Toolbars->Customize, X CRASHES! Kaboom! It’s gone! Back to command line world. It doesn’t even give an error message worth repeating. Odd.

  2. Frank Says:

    I’m running the same build (official 08/17 with gtk2+xft) under Debian Sid and can’t trigger this crash here.

  3. Manoj Says:

    Is anyone working on the bookmarks crash bug:

    This is the repro case:
    – Create a folder in your personal toolbar folder: foo
    – Insert a bookmark into foo, named: bar
    – Click on foo – You can see bar. Right click on bar to view it’s properties
    – Close the properties window
    – foo is still selected – but can’t view the bookmarks it contains
    – Hit Enter, Firebird navigates to the url pointed by “bar”

    Crash case:
    – select bar
    – Delete it
    – foo still selected
    – hit enter, Firebird tries to find bar but can’t and access violates :(

  4. LXT Says:

    gtk2+xft: If a custom toolbar was previously added, then View->Toolbars->Customize rapidly grabs/releases window focus a bazillion times, then segfaults, but doesn’t bring down X. X=4.3, Linux=Gentoo, WM=WindowMaker, no DE.

  5. LXT Says:

    Pardon me. Crashes only if the custom toolbar is invisible.

  6. Keir Says:

    Weird. X Definately crashes for me. X =, Openbox, no DE. I’ve not hidden any toolbars or made any custom ones. (Indeed, I can’t because X crashes!)