2003-08-16 Builds

  • Continued regression: 216219 - Unchecking "remember passwords" doesn't work
  • Continued regression: 215446 - "shaking" with some themes (does not affect default theme)
Official builds: Windows (Discussion), Linux, Linux+gtk2+xft

4 Responses to “2003-08-16 Builds”

  1. Spy Hunter Says:

    Hey, this is a really cool site. Last time I downloaded a nightly of Firebird I was wishing I had someplace to look and see which one was the best to use. Would it be possible to generate this information automatically from the Bugzilla database somehow? It would be really cool if it this kind of thing was integrated with Bugzilla.

  2. LinkTiger Says:

    So wasn’t anything fixed on this build? Or is it just a re-release of yesterday’s?

  3. Fammy Says:

    If nothing gets checked in then yes, it will look very similar to the day before.

    I just downloaded a new nightly at home… wow, some cool stuff has changed since 0.6.1.

  4. boily Says:

    I always have my old version on Phoenix 0.5 . I think I’ll wait till Firebird 0.7, or maybe sooner, because “The Burning Edge” is a really good site about what really happens to Firebird, and when something interesting will appear, I’ll immediately fetch a nightly.