2003-08-13 Builds

  • New feature: Bookmarks and Go menus show URL in status bar
  • Fixed: Options>Privacy crash on Windows (might just not crash in the official build)
  • Fixed: 215994 - "Remember password?" dialog appears twice
  • Fixed: 216023 - "edit styles" bookmarklet doesn't work
  • New regression: Image-blocking window is small and blank
  • Continued regression: 215446 - "shaking" with some themes (does not affect default theme)
Official builds: Windows, Linux, Linux+gtk2+xft

8 Responses to “2003-08-13 Builds”

  1. wheerdam Says:

    Hi! I just got too much time on my hand and came out with http://wheerdam.com/burningedge/ I have the CSS and templates ready to use for MT if you’re interested :)

    – I just feel this template is too vanilla ;-p But all is up to you, though.

  2. Minh Nguyễn Says:

    Hi. I think this is a wonderful use for a blog.

    Do you test the builds that you post about? Or do you keep track of Bugzilla and MozillaZine and stuff to find out what’s going on? B/c if you actually test the builds, could you please post screenshots when “big” changes happen in Firebird (like the new Advanced Options panel or Web Panels / Page Holder)? I’m just curious to see how these new features are coming out, but I’m not allowed to download nightlies.

    And if you don’t actually test the nightlies out yourself, can you ask others to post comments w/ links to screenshots?

  3. shark daddy Says:

    thanks dude!

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I test the builds, but most of the regression notices come from reading mozillazine threads, not from my own testing. I’ll try posting screenshots next time a new feature appears.

  5. Tony Dodd Says:

    This is great…no searching around for the same info. I real time saver. Thanks!!

  6. Michael Kurze Says:

    Yeah, thanks man!

  7. Mark Lodato Says:

    Nice site! This is quite useful. Thanks!

  8. Steve Sizemore Says:

    This blog is a great resource. Thanks.