2003-08-12 Builds

  • Fixed: 212556 - scroll wheel sometimes stops working after app switch
  • Fixed: 214874 - tweakers.net, cdfreaks.com are blank
  • New password manager (?)
  • "Mozilla Firebird" is back in window titles on Windows and Linux (was 215296)
  • The first time you save a password, you are asked to set a master password.
  • New regression: Opening Privacy panel in Options crashes (Windows only)
  • New regression: 215994 - "Remember password?" dialog appears twice ()
  • Continued regression: 215446 - "shaking" with some themes (does not affect default theme)

Builds: Linux. No official Windows build. Unofficial Windows build with DOM Inspector.

3 Responses to “2003-08-12 Builds”

  1. DonPete Says:

    I think that bug 215296 (“Mozilla Firebird” is back in window titles) is Windows-only.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I edited the post to make it clear that the change is for Windows and Linux (actually everything non-Mac). Thanks DonPete.

  3. Yek Says:

    Nice page :) I just wanted to mention the patch for the bookmark context problem appears to work fine in my linux builds. I apply the patch from here: http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=129573&action=view

    Maybe if we wring this out a bit, it’ll be checked in soon.

    Also, I see that someone else has started including DOM inspector and JSD (Venkman). I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks, but Venkman is buggy and crashes on my linux builds. DOM works well as long as I apply the two patches from bug 193486, which as of today needed a slight change. I’ll post it to that bug tomorrow.

    Re Venkman/JSD: Each build I try a different patch from the 4 or 5 that you get when you search bugzilla for venkman. It sounds like the window’s builds with venkman are working ok.