2012-04-28 Trunk builds

Notable fixes:

  • Fixed: 422540 - GStreamer backend for HTML5 video element.
  • Fixed: 695480 - Remove support for Chrome -> Content leaks. (khuey’s blog post)
  • Fixed: 742419 - Implement new identity block design (lighter weight with a generic icon).
  • Fixed: 711618 - Implement basic click-to-play permission model for plugins.
  • Fixed: 718539 - Update syntax used for -moz-font-feature-settings.
  • Fixed: 735898 - BuildDisplayList takes too long on CNN.com.
  • Fixed: 735543 - Overlap TCP/SSL handshake with typing in search box. (Patrick's blog post)
  • Fixed: 729133 - Preconnect http sessions before cache lookup.
  • Fixed: 732820 - Cap to the amount of memory used by decoded images.
  • Fixed: 743590 - [Azure] League Of Legends website has big black bars on either side.
  • Fixed: 578771 - Contenteditable element breaks word selection on all other input elements of the page.
  • Fixed: 720641 - Dev tools: Integrate GCLI into developer tools global toolbar.
  • Fixed: 683954 - Dev tools: Implement an abstract view of the layout of the selected node.
  • Fixed: 278860 - Show the correct error message when the profile is missing.


  • Backed out: 673470 - Replace the sqlite safeb store with a flat file.

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Nightly builds (discussion)

3 Responses to “2012-04-28 Trunk builds”

  1. Per Ångström Says:

    (Ubuntu 11.04) This Linux build (64-bit) doesn’t recognize any other plugin except the Adobe Reader plugin. That means I have lost Adobe Flash, among other plugins. I’m reverting to the 2012-04-19 build for now, where I can see all my plugins.

  2. jnz Says:

    Bug 514437 hasn’t been modified in almost a year. Why is it in this list?

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Oops. I got thrown off by http://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/f0dc48f621b9