Inbox: Zeroed

Took me three weeks to clean up five years of email, but I feel victorious.

I was hoping Gmail would congratulate me, but instead, it offers to send me to Google Reader. That's not really what I want staring at me every time I successfully process my email inbox. Who wants to write a Greasemonkey script to fix this for me?

One Response to “Inbox: Zeroed”

  1. Geoffrey NoviceNotesâ„¢ Jellyneck Says:

    dude! I can totally relate to your experience here, and I– as they say in da hood– “Yo, dawg– I feel you, yo!”.

    Anyway– it is my pleasure to have this opportunity to send a little praise your way for the most excellent, remarkable quality of work you maintain at SquareFreez,… err… haircheese?… well– you know– dang! it’s not like ninja’s are trying to kill me or anything. geez!

    Sincerely though, it’s really good stuff, and I truly appreciate the effort; the dedicatation, and integrity on your part, and that of those (assuming) who’ve helped, as stated in the ‘shell’ help sec.

    Best wishes, and keep on rockin’, Jesse who is not distinguishable from.

    †(because Peace is not a salutation) – Sabarese