My newest Greasemonkey script, TidyBug, cleans up the show-bug page on bugzilla.mozilla.org.

TidyBug hides empty fields, making it easier to see the fields that are populated and reducing the amount of scrolling needed to see the comments. In the example above, TidyBug removed 61% of the space above the first comment (from 985 pixels to 381 pixels). Even on busy bugs, such as upvar2, TidyBug makes the bug considerably cleaner (upvar2 screenshot).

Some other things TidyBug does:

  • Makes form control borders only appear on hover to reduce visual noise.
  • Hides four fields that are mostly useless in bmo (version, architecture, OS, severity).
  • Adds keyboard shortcuts for accessing hidden fields and several common actions.
  • Clicks the "hide obsolete attachments" link for you.

Is this useful for many people? Should parts of it be uplifted into bugzilla.mozilla.org or the Bugzilla distribution? What new keyboard shortcuts or other features would you like to see?

14 Responses to “TidyBug”

  1. Blair McBride Says:

    Much less noise = Good.

  2. Edward Lee Says:

    Bugs without any flags cause an alert to show about getElementById(“flags”) being null.

    I put the snarfFlags() and showHideFlags(“none”) inside an if block checking document.getElementById(“flags”).

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks, Ed. Should be fixed now.

  4. Gary Kwong Says:

    I like the “Make bug secret” bit. :)

  5. leandro Says:

    awesome improvement! this patch should be in the next version of bugzilla, imo

  6. Aaron Says:

    You’ll notice that 2/3rds of the page is blank to the right of the actual comments. Making the lines not wrap at 80 characters would save a huge amount of space.

  7. Aaron Says:

    I meant to say only 2/3rds is used. There is 1/3rd to the right that is blank.

  8. Chris Says:

    I agree that this would be very very useful to incorporate into Bugzilla. It’s a lot more useful than the new collapse-comments script that *is* part of Bugzilla now.


  9. Dan Says:

    Obsolete attachments should definitely be hidden by default in Bugzilla. It’s the first thing I do when viewing a bug to save space.

  10. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I made TidyBug work slightly better for users without editbugs (thanks to malte for pointing out that it required editbugs).

    I also implemented some suggestions from Brian Crowder: I made “show more” prettier and “show flags” toggleable.

  11. LpSolit Says:

    Obsolete attachments are already hidden by default in Bugzilla 3.4. About what should be displayed or not by default, it’s always the same story. Some fields which are useful to you are not necessary useful to me, and vice-versa.

  12. graph bug Says:


    just wanna say u should check your website on ff3
    the footer is somehow jagged (not pixel perfect alignment)

  13. Edward Lee Says:

    > Making the lines not wrap at 80 characters would save a huge amount of space.
    The comments will still get wrapped by the server even if the comment box was wider.. (I believe..)

    Here’s a suggestion for making use of that empty space:

    The title and fields will be fixed on the page nomatter where you scroll. This means the only things left that can scroll are the comments. So instead of needing to jump to the top to edit/check something after reading the comments, they’re available right away.

  14. tleish Says:

    I just installed and get the following error when attempting to run on a show_bug.cgi page.

    TidyBug error:
    TypeError: dt is undefined