Conflict of interest

Consumer Reports "State of the Net" (via johnath):

In the past six months, [spyware] infections prompted 850,000 U.S. households to replace their computers.

I imagine that most of the new machines run Windows. Microsoft's near-monopoly position may mean that the company brings in more revenue by allowing spyware to thrive. Never mind the fact that the cost of designing secure code and safe user interfaces would eat into any company's profits due to software insecurity costs being an externality. Hampering spyware could hurt Microsoft's revenue.

3 Responses to “Conflict of interest”

  1. VanillaMozilla Says:

    The surprising thing in that report is that 50% of users don’t use e-mail. You can tell because only 1 in 2 have experienced high levels of spam.

  2. Funeral Says:

    You took it out of context:

    “Findings from our fourth annual national survey of online threats, conducted this spring by the Consumer Reports National Research Center based on 2,030 online households, include the following:”

    “Based on projections from our survey, virus infections prompted 1.8 million households to replace their PCs in the past two years
    and spyware infections 850,000 in the past six months.”

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks for the additional context.