Anti-porn site is hosting a contest, Cleanzilla, for creating a Firefox extension to help users avoid porn.

It was recently brought to my attention that there is a group out there working to create extensions for Firefox in an effort to make it the best internet browser for surfing porn on the web. Pornzilla, as they call themselves, have taken the open source browser Firefox, a personal favorite of mine, and worked to make it hyper-efficient at doing the very thing I am seeking to avoid.

Therefore, I have decided to return the favor, and begin an annual contest. PORN WAR.INFO will hold an annual showcase for aspiring and seasoned programmers seeking to gain greater recognition on the net.

Starting this March, I will hold the 1st Annual “Cleanzilla” Safer-Browsing Firefox extension contest.

The goal is to create a useful, innovative, and effective extension for the latest version of the open source Mozilla Firefox browser, which will help to create a cleaner, safer, browsing experience on the web.

There's about a week left in the contest. If the winning entry is good, I might use it -- I don't like to encounter pornography when I'm not looking for it.

10 Responses to “Cleanzilla”

  1. Gijs Says:

    What happened to the entire ‘zilla’ trademark deal? Isn’t that going to bite them really badly?

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    They haven’t given me trouble over Pornzilla, which is both more popular and more, um, something a large company might not want associated with its trademark.

  3. sam Says:

    Porn makes the world go ’round!

  4. Bill Says:

    You should update your “Endless Forum Pages” userscript so that it makes google image searches all one page. This would be a great addition to Pornzilla (and I suppose it would have other uses as well).

  5. Robert Accettura Says:

    I wrote securita ( a few years ago… never really finished it.

    It’s rough, but did cover a fair amount.

  6. Ben Tremblay Says:

    You closed your Memory Leak post to comments, sooooooooo …

    DBaron’s bug has been resolved but fact is I’ve been running into problems recently. For e.g. ”Topics” doesn’t just fail to load … it doesn’t just lock my machine … it either freezes it hard (i.e. requiring cold reboot … I hate doing that) or shuts it down. How’s /that/ for rude.

    The only other page I’ve had that problem with is in OpenLaszlo documents like some of the “Engineer Guide” or “Designer Guide” pages … they’re huge and include ten tunz of code.

    Anyhow, smells like leakage to me.

    *you may now return to /cough/ whatever you were doing*

  7. Ryan Says:

    Yea I hate it when I’m just surfing and all of a sudden… PORN! RIGHT IN MY FACE! AHHHH!

  8. sbt Says:

    yeah. ‘pr0n’ is more popular than jeeezzzzzzs, but also yeah, filtering can be nice. I’d like to filter out everything unrelated to ms word (processor) when I’m googling for info on Word. that would be nice. i don’t come across much porn when i search for things. If i had to watchover a 10 year old kid, i would probably spend time with hte kid until this sort of surprise results were no longer surprising.

    one thing can be done if using Google search xpi’s. you can edit the url portion in the jar to your choice of google’s various &safe= settings. I edit googlebarlite’s JAR to remove the few url-bloat terms gblite contains. (i think just the i’m+feeling+lucky bloat, which i so rarely use, i probably shouldnt bother, especially since one normally doesn’t bookmark the actual google feelin lucky punk url :-) )

    run-on sentence

  9. sbt Says:

    and of course fauxnoose is all pol-porn all the time :-)

  10. sbt Says:

    and who wants to ‘encounter’ religious attempted fud, when not seeking it? (i.e.: never seeking it) Maybe the cleanzilla will spawn Cleanzilla2 for this purpose?