DreamHost switchers

Sixteen squarefree.com readers and #bs members and have signed up for DreamHost using DreamHost's 777 promotion since I started talking about it four days ago. What hosts did you switch from and how do you like DreamHost so far?

4 Responses to “DreamHost switchers”

  1. marcelo c. martinelli Says:

    i switched from vhosting.com. vhosting hadn’t changed/added a single feature/service in ages. i am not a heavy user but for 9 bucks a year and a vastly superior service, i just had to change my webhost. i am incredibly happy. thanks for the heads-up by the way.

  2. Will McCutchen Says:

    I switched from nobody. I just registered my domain name a month or two ago, and didn’t feel any need to get it up in a hurry. I couldn’t pass up $10 for a year of good hosting, so I jumped on the offer. Thanks.

    The only content I have up at this point is at http://humortree.overloaded.org.

  3. Tom Says:

    Hi Jesse

    I saw the offer and was amazed – great deal. I was on another standard Cpanel host – and they’ve been good to me, so i’ll probably maintain a few sites with them.

    So far, so good. It took a while to get the account activated; it’s a pain that the system that sets up mysql is a bit slow. It’s also a little strange moving from cpanel to their custom setup – but to be quite honest, it’s well laid out and very slick. I like it!

    Thanks – tom

  4. Paul Goscicki Says:

    Thanks Jesse! This is just the boost I needed.