AutoLoginJ user script

AutoLoginJ automatically submits login forms where Firefox has remembered the password. You can use Greasemonkey's included/excluded pages feature to make it work on all sites, all sites except ones you specify, or only sites you specify.

The "J" in the name distinguishes it from a competing script and an extension with a similar name.

To install a user script into Firefox, install Greasemonkey, restart Firefox, open the user script, and select "Install User Script..." from the Tools menu.

25 Responses to “AutoLoginJ user script”

  1. Manuzhai Says:

    So why is it better than the others?

  2. Zevious Says:

    Does Greasemonkey work with the latest builds? I was unable to do anything with Greasemonkey. Everything seemed to be greyed out.

  3. Edward Lee Says:

    Jesse’s version handles things in an almost completely different way. The competing user script creates a bunch of timers and functions and event listeners when they aren’t really necessary. Personally I think Jesse’s code is much cleaner in how it is written and executed.

    I haven’t used either, but I would assume that they would do similar things.

  4. Brandon Says:

    This script and the plugin aren’t really competing tools. This is nice for sites that allow you to save your password, but require you to login (such as gmail or many forums). The plugin works even if the site does not allow for saved passwords, but the plugin takes a little more configuration to work. I use the plugin on certain sites (for example yahoo), and this plugin on everything else.

  5. børge Says:

    I have problems with Greasemonkey too! I can’t get it to do anything! I don’t think it supports FF 1.0.3

  6. AmirG Says:

    On , AutoLoginJ keeps pressing the “forgot password” button, instead of the “log in” button. I suspect looking for a “submit” button just isn’t enough for that site. Any way of fixing this?

  7. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Amir – that should be fixed now. Thanks.

  8. AmirG Says:

    Working beautifully now, thanks.

  9. Ottawa Says:

    This is almost a roboform replacement! Great!

  10. Ryan Barrett Says:

    Hi Jesse, thanks for the script! I’m really happy with it…except for one thing. On some pages (e.g. ), a failed submission returns you to the same page. So, if Firefox has a bad username or password stored, AutoLoginJ will try to log in, fail, return to the login page, and infinite loop. This one is noticeable because it used my (correct) GMail login, since it was a domain, but GMail just wants the username, while this page wants the entire email address.

    I’m not sure how you’d fix this, but I thought you might want to know. Otherwise, I love the script!

  11. Gnosis Says:

    Ryan, just as a temporary workaround for you, I’m pretty sure Gmail allows the full email address as your username.

  12. mariuss' weblog Says:

    AutoLoginJ Script

    This script by Jesse Ruderman, AutoLoginJ user script, allows you to automatically login to sites that allow you to save the username and password. He is mentioning another similar script, AutoLogin, and an extension, named AutoLogin as well.

    Both sc…

  13. Tiger Says:

    Hope somehow you are not receving our passwords?? i am scared. even if you are receving passwords you would not tell us.

  14. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Tiger, you have to either trust me or read the script to determine that I’m not receiving your passwords.

  15. Tiger Says:

    Okay… i am not a computer programmer or big computer junkie. but it does not work with my gateway page. i have shared cable internet connection

    thank you.

  16. Jason (majorxp) Says:

    This rocks!

    You need to setup paypal.

  17. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Jason: if you’re trying to give me money, see

  18. JohanSwe Says:

    With this script its so esay to view your webmail, just (e.g.) klick a bookmark (in firefox) and you’re in. This is great. Thank you Jesse!

    There’s some problem with certain webpages thou. I can’t login to automatically (even thou firefox saves the username and password). To bad. I visit this great service offen :)

  19. Winson Says:

    I love this, but it’s not compatible with GM 0.5 beta!!

  20. Colin Says:

    This is the *reason* I got greasemonkey in the first place, a great script. Unfortunately, GM .5, which has now been auto updated by firefox, has broken it’s default behavior. When I open any bookmark, it won’t trigger. If I refresh with F5 however, it does seem to trigger..

  21. Lucas Says:

    Loading a page via a keyword (eg, a bookmark) doesn’t work for me either. However, pressing f5 makes the script spring into action after the reload.

  22. Colin Says:

    It appears to be a GM 5.1 bug. Pretty core funcitonality to be broken for a release. *sigh*.

  23. Ryan Barrett Says:

    Hey Jesse…another minor bug report. AutoLoginJ doesn’t work at . Interestingly, though, it works at .

    I haven’t dug into it deeply, but on first glance, the login button on the front page is an image link with onClick javascript, while the latter page is a simple POST form.

    If you ever get the time to look at this and need a login, drop me a line and we can work something out. Thanks again for the script!

  24. Danny Dawson Says:

    I’ve been noticing lately that AutoLoginJ has been working on fewer webpages (thanks to the GM updates, perhaps?). Case in point at the moment:

    By the way, I’m another one of the very grateful users who has been enjoying your script for quite some time now but has never even taken a moment to say thanks. It’s embarassing. Really, I have greatly appreciated the work you’ve done.

  25. Mike L. Says:

    Does this script work with Greasemonkey 5.3 yet?