Ask Jesse answer: WordPress

Joey also asked:

As a fellow WordPress user (only other system I’ve ever used is Blogger), what plugins do you have installed, and do you use the bookmarklet? I love the spell checker and just got a crossposting plugin to work, crossposting to Xanga since all my friends don’t know too much, if anything, about the Internet.

I don't use the WordPress bookmarklet because I post URLs on my account instead of on my blog most of the time. I do use a bookmarklet, of course. I used the favicon picker extension to give the bookmarklet the icon and then gave it an empty name, so it takes up little space on my toolbar.

The only WordPress plugin I use is Text Control, which I use to disable WordPress's buggy auto-formatting and auto-texturizing. See my post about switching from Movable Type to WordPress for details. I haven't tried any spell checking plugins; which one do you recommend?

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  1. Alex Says:

    I’ve been very pleased with ColdForged’s Spelling Checker plugin — installation is easy and it works great.