Google Adsense doesn’t like Adbar

From: Google AdSense
To: Jesse Ruderman
Subject: Google AdSense Account Status
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 2005 21:56:17 -0800

Hello Jesse,

We regularly review sites in the AdSense program for compliance with our program policies.

While reviewing your account, we noticed that you are currently displaying Google ads in a manner that is not compliant with these policies. We've noted that you are in violation of the following program policies on

- We've found that you're displaying Google ads in a manner that does not comply with our program policies. According to Google AdSense program policies, no Google ad or search box code may be pasted into any software application, even if it is modified to not show ads through your AdSense account. In order to comply with our policies, please remove the Google ad code from the software provided in your site.

Thank you for your understanding. Once you've made the necessary changes, please reply to this email so that we may review your account again.

We also suggest that you take the time to review our program policies ( and Terms and Conditions ( to ensure that all of your pages are in compliance.


The Google AdSense Team

7 Responses to “Google Adsense doesn’t like Adbar”

  1. Louis Says:

    Knew this would happen eventually, after I read the Google ToS myself. Tough. Took them long enough to get back to you, lol. I wonder if you can work something out, as they’ve a similar tool for Internet Explorer only, which lets webmasters preview the Google ads that would appear on their site without getting credit for the ads. Your extension could make that service cross-browser ;)

  2. alfons Says:

    Could you tell the less-informed but interested people what this is all about? Adsense, accounts, adbar? :-)

  3. Martey Says:

    Whatever happened to not being evil? Heraldo needs a sense of humor.

    Alfons, you could go look at the Adbar page, linked in the Google letter.

  4. George Deka Says:

    What if we asked our good mates at google – ben and darin to fix this up – and let us even make some money out of it (for the foundation).

  5. Mike Wills Says:

    It took them this long to figure that out? Maybe they aren’t as “in to it” as we thought.

  6. Joey Says:

    Nah, what it might be is that all the regulars get it, and somebody that doesn’t get it sent the message from google. Whatever though.

  7. Randy Charles Morin Says:

    Too bad! But I can see why they would do this. They can’t let one person break the rules or it would lead to some applications of adsense that would be less than friendly to Google.