New lists

Please vote "yea" on items you like in these lists :)

3 Responses to “New lists”

  1. Westacular Says:

    “Milli-Helen” was the funniest of all the items I read.

    I thought “You feel like you can talk to everyone except your best friends.” was surprisingly insightful; it’s a shame people didn’t understand and it was voted down.

  2. Kim Says:

    Hey. Just wanted to say…I’ve recently switched to Firefox. I was browsing through available extensions on the website, and saw you’ve made a few.

    So, um, yeah. I just wanted to say that you rock, and should comment more on my livejournal. ^^

  3. Jessica Lopez Says:

    > In c:\porn\ on your dad’s computer

    Bwahahahaha! ;))