Pornbar for Firefox

Inspired by the Bible Toolbar extension for Firefox, Billistic made Pornbar. Sadly, he based his extension on the Eurekster toolbar, not the Bible Toolbar.

Update August 15: Pornbar is now listed on the Pornzilla site.

6 Responses to “Pornbar for Firefox”

  1. Jed Says:

    Could you explain exactly what it does?

  2. B Says:

    It lets you search for a specific kind of porn on a toolbar on the top of your screen. Think a google search engine made specificaly for finding your personal fetish.

  3. Peter Reaper Says:

    clicking the “pornbar” button only yields “URL is not valid…”. Clicking the little downarrow next to the button doesn’t do anything. Am i doing something wrong?

  4. Joey Says:

    I think it’s a work in progress the version number is 0.1 or something, the search seems to work ok though.

  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    More info on Pornbar:

  6. Noa Says:

    Could we repackage this for .10?