Pornzilla update

I updated Pornzilla today. I rewrote the introduction and the About Pornzilla section. I also wrote and added some search bookmarklets, including one that searches Google for pages on the same site that have the same title.

3 Responses to “Pornzilla update”

  1. curious Says:

    you’ve added refspoof… pornzilla is now officialy 3l33t :)

  2. Will K Says:

    Jesse, I’ve noticed with Firebird/Firefox that some sites (like meyerweb and splorp) don’t always show blog entries until a couple of days later, kind of like the browser has a hidden rule that prevents loading the new page until it is a couple of days old. In fact, your site didn’t show updates (or anything at all) for over a week, although (ugh!) IE showed the updates immediately. Any thoughts?

  3. yellow Says:

    I wrote some javascript to convert spooph URL/REF ini files ( – comes with about 800 working spoofs) to rdf style. I wonder where I could post it.