Infix placement

Poll (pick one): Un-fucking-believable or Unbe-fucking-lievable?

6 Responses to “Infix placement”

  1. mpt Says:

    For the past couple of years I have used “un-fe-bucking-lievable”. It is to obscenity as artificial sweetener is to sugar.

  2. Martey Says:

    Meaning that it causes cancer in lab rats?

  3. mpt Says:

    I didn’t know lab rats were so fond of swearing …

  4. Bucky Says:

    Would it be asinine to request options for unbelieve-fucking-able and unbelievea-fucking-ble?

    Yeah, probably…but I kind of like the last one.

  5. shill Says:

    I vote for “unbelievingly-fuck-able”.

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says: