NeonGecko’s demo

The NeonGecko Clinic team demonstrated their forum post categorization software with two examples. It correctly classified

I have a feisty persian. How can I save the furniture?

as "cats" (91%) and

I have a feisty Persian Gulf crisis. How can I save the future?

as "politics" (84%) and "bush" (9%). If you mix the two examples, it gets confused, as it should.

7 Responses to “NeonGecko’s demo”

  1. Michael Fagan Says:

    Hmn. looks interesting, but nothing that I tried worked all that well. A lot of things seemed to be “hydrocodone” and/or “mormon” for some reason.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    The only categories I could find that it does well with are “cats”, “cars”, and “politics”.

    It gets confused when I ask it “What kind of car does George W. Bush’s cat drive?”.

  3. Jan! Says:

    Yeah, I got the mormon classification a lot, too. For example: “Yes, Simon Hill and others have mentioned this to me. I find it fascinating that the W3C has made it standard policy to drop features
    with less than 2 implementations. Although, as you mention, this doesn’t stop them from trying again (with CSS3, in this case).”

    “chat” was another popular classification. Looks interesting, though.

  4. ricky Says:

    I made several tests based on a PostNuke forum. here’s what it gave:

    Many Many Thanks, Kisses and Hugs…
    chat, 51%; single, 19%; country, 16%; delhi, 5%; friend, 3%; hydrocodone, 3%

    Please list forthcoming features in .8
    model, 60%; athletic, 14%; news, 4%; huskies, 3%; michael jordan, 3%; breyer, 3%; chat, 3%; hydrocodone, 3%; la lakers, 2%

    Suggestion for a New PHP Help Forum
    model, 51%; hydrocodone, 23%; chat, 11%; space, 6%; car, 4%; country, 2%

    How to create a PostNuke localizated Support Site?
    hydrocodone, 73%; chat, 13%; mormon, 10%; politics, 2%

    Besides the weird classifications, anyone can explain a non-English speaker what these mean?
    hydrocodone, huskies and breyer?

  5. Jeff Walden Says:

    I tested the following post out for fun. Politics is right on (tho most likely by accident) and chat might be iffy (do some people talk like that in chat rooms?), but the rest is a joke. George Bush? Children? Please. We’re a long ways off from any sort of decent computer emulation of human understanding.

    linux r0x0r, m$ sux0r

    politics, 0.355556957510326
    hydrocodone, 0.134431856113074
    chat, 0.131885276230766
    rap, 0.124457343146813
    george w bush, 0.107845303050852
    linux, 0.0760741328157923
    children, 0.0697491311323762

  6. Jeff Walden Says:

    Yeah, Linux is right on, too. Dumb me, forgetting to write a complete post…

  7. hao2lian's bl@g Says:

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