Experience Google’s new look

Google has been testing a new look with a small percent of visitors. I wrote a bookmarklet that lets you make Google show you the new look:

toggle google look

(Drag it to your bookmarks bar, visit google.com, and click on the bookmark.)

It works by changing the ID in your Google cookie to 102c51875a8839e9, the ID of one of the visitors Google randomly selected to test the new look. If your ID is already 102c51875a8839e9, it sets it 0000000000000000 (anonymous), letting you switch between the old and new looks quickly. Since the bookmarklet only changes the ID part of the cookie, it preserves your settings, such as the number of results per page.

Thanks to jcurious for pointing out the Neowin thread in which "poind" posted the ID from his Google cookie.

Update March 28, 2004: Google is now showing the new look by default. The bookmarklet no longer has any visible effect.

Update January 27, 2005: iMilly has created a modified version of this bookmarklet to anonymize your Google cookie.

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  1. techno weenie Says:

    google’s new look

    Google is testing a new look, which you can sample with this nifty bookmarklet (provided by Jesse Ruderman)

  2. SEM ¥ê¥µ¡¼¥Á Says:

    Google ¤Î¿·¤·¤¤¥ë¥Ã¥¯¡õ¥Õ¥£¡¼¥ë¤òÂ賤¹¤ë

    Google ¤¬¿·¤·¤¤¥Ç¥¶¥¤¥ó¤Î¸¡º÷·ë²Ìɽ¼¨¤ò¥Æ¥¹¥È¤·¤Æ¤¤¤Þ¤¹¡£°Ê²¼¤Î¼Ì¿¿¤ÎÄ̤ꡢÀöÎý¤µ¤ì¤¿´¶¤¸¤Ë¤Ê¤Ã¤Æ¤¤¤Þ¤¹¡£¤³¤Î Google ¥ë¥Ã¥¯¡õ¥Õ¥£¡¼¥ë¤Î¥Æ¥¹¥È¤ÏÁ´À¤³¦¤Î¥æ¡¼¥¶¡¼¤Î¿ô¡ó¤òÂоݤ˼»ܤµ¤ì¤Æ¤¤¤Þ¤¹¡£¤·¤«¤·¡¢¤Á¤ç¤Ã¤È¤·¤¿¤³¤È¤ò¤¹¤ë¤À¤±¤Ç¡¢³§¤µ¤ó¤Î¥Ö¥é¥¦¥¶¤Ë¤â¤³¤…

  3. XeoWebLog: Posicionamiento en Buscadores Says:

    Lecturas de Domingo 7-03-2004

    Las elecciones y Google desde el mundo.es (Vía foro buscadores). Crítica a Google desde loogic. ¿Quién es el mejor en el mundo SEO? Cre8asiteforums (Vía Search Engine Round Table). Vía Search Engine Journal, llegamos a Jesse Ruderman, donde se habla de…

  4. Dogtoe Says:

    Google’s New Look

    Lots of recent press regarding Google’s new look, which apparently only a few people are seeing.

    I first noticed this when using [b]Victor’s[/b] computer and had absolutely no idea why mine didn’t look the same as him. I guessed that it was…

  5. Pale Blue Dot Says:

    New Google Look

    Jesse Ruderman has created a bookmarklet that lets you toggle Google’s look. Click it and it will switch you to the new Google look. Click it again and it will switch you back to the old one. Here it is:…

  6. anil dash's daily links Says:

    try out google’s new look


  7. WWW.aid.hu - LINKroll Says:

    A Google új designja

    A Google néhány hónapja egy új designt tesztel a látogatók egy kis százalékát bevonva. Jesse Ruderman nemrég írt egy bookmarkletet, amivel bármikor váltogathatunk a Google új és az alap designja között.

  8. Webmaster Blog Says:

    Neuer Google Look per Bookmarklet

    Wie vielleicht bekannt ist, experimentiert Google zur Zeit mit einem neuen Design für die SERPs. Dieses Design bekommen aber nur wenige, scheinbar zufällig ausgewählte Besucher zu sehen. Jesse Rude…

  9. Binary Coder Says:

    GoogleÀÇ »õ·Î¿î ¸ð½À üÇèÇϱâ

    View : Jesse Ruderman: Experience Google’s new look ±¸±Û¿¡¼­ ¸î¸î »ç¿ëÀÚµéÀ» ´ë»óÀ¸·Î ·£´ýÇÏ°Ô »õ·Î¿î ±â´ÉÀÇ Å×½ºÆ®¸¦ ÁøÇàÇÑ´Ù°í ÇÕ´Ï´Ù. -_-;;; »õ·Î¿î ¸ð½ÀÀ» üÇèÇϱâ À§ÇÑ ²Ç¼ö°¡ ¿©±â ÀÖ½À´Ï´Ù. Toggle Google Look GoogleÀ» Ŭ¸¯ÇÏ¿© âÀ» ¿©½Å ÈÄ (¹Ýµå½Ã…

  10. The Stuart Homfray Weblog Says:

    The New Google

    Take a look at the new Google design with this natty little bookmarklet.

  11. anything but ordinary Says:

    The New, Not Necessarily Improved But Different…*

    I’ve been hearing a lot about “Google’s new look”. They’re allowing random people a chance to test it out. You can access it via a special cookie. If you’re like me, and you want to try it out, but don’t…

  12. AmunRa.co.uk Says:

    Google’s getting a makeover

    As noted on a few news sites, Google are trying out a new look. It’s not much different (don’t worry, it’s not losing the minimalism, if anything it’s getting more sparse), butif you want to check it out, see Jesse…

  13. House of Yang Says:

    That Google is so hot right now. Google.

    Apparently Google is getting a makeover after several years of being the It-search engine. From what I’ve seen, they got rid of their tab-switch bar in favor of small text-links and slimmed down the text bar. Maybe it’s a move…

  14. Rage on omnipotent Says:

    Slightly new look for Google

    Experience Google’s new look and be underwhelmed….

  15. podq live Says:

    Cheating the Internet & Google

    Here’s an interesting thing that brings to the forefront of thought a couple things about the internet: Google is evidently testing out a new look (albeit very slightly changed) with a very small portion of random users coming to their site. However…

  16. Priorities & Frivolities Says:

    The New Google Design

    It does nothing for me. You might think differently, though, so check it out for yourself. If you want to test searches, use Jesse Ruderman’s bookmarklet. For palatable technical commentary, see Ars Technica….

  17. Peter Kaminski Says:

    Google new look bookmarklet

    If you’re intrigued by my Google screenshots and want to try the new Google look for yourself, Jesse Ruderman has posted a toggle google look bookmarklet, based on poind’s Google ID. via Chris Allen…

  18. Coty's Radio Weblog Says:


    Ars Technica reports that Google is testing a new look and points to Jesse Ruderman’s bookmarklet that allows for toggling between the old and the new.

  19. Alt.3000.it Says:

    Nuovo Google

    Se ne parlava da mesi e ora finalmente lo si può vedere! Parlavo qualche tempo fa con un uomo di…

  20. DiVERSiONZ Says:


    Jesse Rudderman: Google may have a new look soon. Good for you Google.

  21. hao2lian's bl@g Says:

    How to Get the New Google Look

    Jess ol’ boy has been blogdex’d for creating a bookmarklet per his expertise to toggle this cookie. Of course, I could’ve created one too, but I was busy at the time. Wink.

  22. Search Visibility Report Says:

    Bookmarklet Allows you to Test Out Google’s New Look

    Jesse Ruderman has written a bookmarklet to toggle Google’s new look, it allows us to see Google’s new look as it evolves. Thank Aaron Schwartz for the link….

  23. A peek inside Jesse's Head Says:

    Slightly new Google

    Google’s preparing to put on a new face. It’s been selecting random people to try out the new interface, but thanks in no small part to the blogging community, Jesse Ruderman invites us to Experience Google’s new look. He’s set…

  24. Please don't eat me! Says:

    More blue and ‘O’s

    Switch over to the new google look via means of a bookmarklet. I actual had this a while ago on…

  25. GoogleGuy Says - Google Ranking Info Says:

    Toggle New Google Look

    This is very cool. Here is a bookmarket that you can use to “turn on” the new Google Look that Google has been testing: 1. Drag the following link to you “Links” toolbar (IE) or add to your favorites: toggle google look 2. Go to Google.com. 3. Click on…

  26. edmz Says:

    Nuevo Look de Google

    Una nota un tanto vieja, pero he andado un poco perdido estos dias. Google ha rediseñado pero momentaneamente el nuevo…

  27. BlogZiNet Says:

    Google new look

    Le moteur de recherche américain leader, Google, teste un nouveau look sur un petit panel de ses utilisateurs. L’attribution du nouveau style se fait sur la base du numéro identifiant compris dans le cookie du site.
    Pour notre plus grand…

  28. Cup-Of-Joe Says:

    Google new look

    Google is testing a new look out on a few viewers check out how to be one here Here…

  29. Bobby Maisnam — Blog Says:

    Google’s New Look

    I do not know when Google launched it’s “New Look”. I had read about it in a Webpronews newsletter sometime back. I came across it today on another computer and searched for it on Google (but, of course ;) )….

  30. joelblog Says:

    New Google: My Take

    This is old news, I know, but it’s worth writing about. Google is experimenting with a new look. There is…

  31. Geek Style Says:

    Google Facelift

    I have noticed this already, but it was only looking different from one of my computers not on others. It was like seeing an alien waving at you in your backyard, and no one believes this story. So I forgot…

  32. Aventuras_de_un_webmaster.blog Says:

    Google estrena finalmente su nuevo look

    Acabo de dar una vuelta por Google descubriendo su nuevo diseño que tanto se ha mencionado en el pasado y que finalmente está funcionando! Hasta hace algunas semanas este nuevo diseño solo se mostraba a algunos navengantes de forma aleatoria…