What’s new in Mozilla Firebird 0.8

Firebird 0.8 should be out soon on Monday, Feb 9.

Update: Firefox 0.8 (note the new name) was released on Feb 9.

Here's some of what's new:

New features

  • Windows installer
  • New download manager
  • Work Offline
  • Add Bookmark dialog: recent-folders dropdown and folder-selection tree (replacing a single dropdown listing all folders)
  • DOM Inspector is now included in zip builds
  • IDN support
  • IPv6 support on Windows 2000/XP/2003

Major improvements

  • 220807 - prompt user about invalid text/plain content. (Solves most problems like "Firebird tries to display some .rar files instead of downloading them.")
  • 214266 - Find should wrap by default
  • 217286 - Cookie whitelist should override session cookie option.
  • 142459(?) - Shift+click and middle-click on scroll bar should jump to that location
  • 214260 - XPInstall UI improvements
  • 33282 - enable external scheme handlers (like aim: and telnet:) in Linux
  • 6% faster page loading (comparing December to September on a Tp (pageloader time) graph)

Important bug fixes

  • 210910 - Right-clicking a file within a bookmarks folder in the bookmarks menu or toolbar makes that folder inaccessible.
  • 203102 - URL typed into address bar lost after switching tabs; "Open in new tab" should prefill URI in address bar.
  • 222157 - View Source: Find and Save don't work.
  • 213250 - Autoscroll prevents middle clicking on links in XML (XHTML) documents.
  • 224416 - Tabs don't remember focused element.
  • 216170 - Send Page (as Link) omits query string
  • 98564 - caret overlaps the last character in textfield (if positioned after the last char).
  • 212366 - Make -moz-opacity apply to descendants as a group, as required by CSS3 opacity
  • 219705 - Linux: Blackdown Java crashes, saying "Internal error on browser end".
  • 102578 - Linux: Clicking wrongfully fires onmouseout (breaks some dhtml menus, css/edge menus)
  • 201209 - GTK2: -moz-opacity makes things invisible.

24 Responses to “What’s new in Mozilla Firebird 0.8”

  1. Kevin Says:

    You forgot “spiffy new Mac skin” :)

  2. Keith Lea Says:

    I don’t think “Select folder in Add Bookmark dialog” is new to 0.8. I have 0.7, and I can select a folder in the Add Bookmark dialog.

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Keith: thanks, “New feature: Select folder in Add Bookmark dialog” was incorrect. The UI for choosing a folder changed, but it was possible to choose a folder in 0.7. I changed the text to make it correct.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    More stuff that’s new in Firebird 0.8, from http://weblogs.mozillazine.org/asa/archives/004853.html :

    * cross-platform NTLM authentication (was Windows-only in Firebird 0.7?)

    * stability improvements (?)

  5. chris Says:

    how to view Web pages you’ve previously visited without being connected to the Internet in Mozilla Firebird 0.8.

  6. redemption in a blog Says:

    Firebird 0.8 on the horizon

    Mozilla Firebird 0.8 is almost ready to be shipped, thanks to Jesse Ruderman for pointing out that small detail in the latest mozilla.org staff minutes. Expect it Friday (today!) or Monday. Jesse Ruderman has listed the new features and major…

  7. Full(o)bloG Says:

    firebird 0.8

    sta per essere rilasciata la versione 0.8 di firebird, la faccenda si fa interessante…

  8. CH*AS Blog Says:

    What’s new in Mozilla Firebird 0.8

    Jesse Ruderman schreibt Firebird 0.8 should be out soon und verweisst auf einen Mozillazine Artikel. Es soll sich folgendes ändern: Windows installerNew download managerWork OfflineSelect folder in Add Bookmark dialogDOM Inspector is now included in zi…

  9. Neurotech Says:

    It’s a comin’.

    A feature list for the upcoming Firebird 0.8….

  10. adot's notblog* Says:


    There is some exciting Mozilla news about: Camino 0.8 planned to come from Mozilla 1.7 branch. Firebird 0.8: an imminent threat (grave and gathering?). Jesse lists some of what’s new for this release. Mozilla Developer Day on the way. As Ben would say,…

  11. anil dash's daily links Says:

    what’s new in firebird .8 next monday


  12. FultonChain Says:

    Pig. Flying. News at noon.

    Jesse writes: “Firebird 0.8 should be out soon on Monday, Feb 9.” Holy-schmoly Batman, an actual Moz release date. Careful guys, release a build on time and we’ll start to expect it all the time. Read his weblog to find…

  13. Koldark's Komputer World Says:

    Happy Birthday to me!!

    0.8 will be released next Monday Ben says Firebird 0.8 will be out next Monday: It’s Monday February 9 now. This is the first time I’ve been confident enough to give a date. This release is going to be the best Firebird yet. Orkut members can read the …

  14. Ataxia Says:

    Whee! Browser Upgrades!

    Sweetness: Mozilla’s Firebird 0.8 is coming out on Monday. Things I’m most psyched about: faster page rendering! (not that 0.7 is slow, but faster is better) user choices for invalid text/plain documents opacity fixes. word up to THAT. Apparently Safar…

  15. i d i o b l o g Says:

    Whee! Firebird goodness

    The Burning Edge says that Firebird 0.8 will be out Monday, February 9th. Excellent. Those of you who hate using nightlies can finally experience shiny new features like a download manager, better popup blocking, and a Work Offline menu option….

  16. Deft Code Says:

    New Moz stuff

    Two upcoming releases to look forward to: Firebird 0.8 (Monday) and Mozbot 2.6 (“in a few weeks”)….

  17. W6 Daily Says:

    Mozilla Firebird 0.8 Due Monday

    Open Source Release Schedules: The excellent Mozilla Firebird web browser is expected to hit a target release date of Monday.

  18. AndrewBlog Says:

    FireBird 0.8

    FireBird 0.8 should be out next monday! (yay, new software!)…

  19. Branchleft Says:

    Firebird Breakdown

    Firebird has a fit.

  20. the shaky kaiser Says:

    new firebird release

    Tomorrow, 9th Feb. More info here. Features include: a brand new download manager that also handles extension installs, much faster web page rendering, NTLM authentications support, new and improved bookmarks functionality, major stability improvements…

  21. Deluxive Planfiles v 3.0 Alpha! Says:

    Mozilla Firebird 0.8

    Som titeln säger. Idag är det måndag. Och det är snart dags för släppet av Mozilla Firebird 0.8. En release som är efterlängtad av många. Speciellt dom som använder Mac OS X kommer att märka av STORA förbättringar. Firebird kommer att kännas som…

  22. redemption in a blog Says:

    Firebird is now Firefox, milestone 0.8 released

    It’s been posted all over by now, even Slashdotted (mozilla.org was down for quite awhile earlier), Neowin-ed, blogged a thousand times over. Yes, Mozilla Firebird is now known as Mozilla Firefox. With the 0.8 Milestone release of the lightweight Gecko…

  23. Good Blimey! Says:

    Mozilla Firefox 0.8 Released

    Yes, you read right, it’s not called Firefox. The next release is rumored to be called Firedolphin. Okay, I’m kidding, but these name changes are getting a little out of hand. Now I’m going to have change a couple links…

  24. Deluxive Says:

    Mozilla Firebird 0.8

    Som titeln säger. Idag är det måndag. Och det är snart dags för släppet av Mozilla Firebird 0.8. En release som är efterlängtad av många. Speciellt dom som använder Mac OS X kommer att märka av STORA förbättringar. Firebird kommer att kännas som…