Google “for president”

Howard Dean leads in a Google search for "for president". He is followed by Bush, Kucinich, Clark, Kerry, Nader (2000), Edwards, Lieberman, Gephardt, Braun, Cthulhu, Bradley (2000), a hamster named Potus, Cusack, nobody, and Tony Blair.

5 Responses to “Google “for president””

  1. erjika Says:

    I pin my hopes on the hamster.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Howard Dean is the leader despite being one of the few top candidates without the phrase “for president” in the page’s title. In fact, the phrase doesn’t appear on Dean’s page at all.

  3. Jeff Walden Says:

    It seems to be in his page now. A direct copy of the Google result I just got:

    … the President’s agenda. As a candidate for President, he has transformed
    the way politics is done in our country. He’s shown that …

  4. Chip Says:

    That’s pretty funny. If you haven’t checked out you should.

    Also, has a campaign web watch section that is interesting, but not as good as


  5. Neil's Smaller World Says:

    Google thinks Dean will be El Presidente

    A Google Search for “for president” puts Dean on top. Via Jesse Ruderman.