Smaller Google home page

I edited Google's home page to make it as small as I could without changing how it looks. The result is 30% smaller and works slightly better.

Most of the changes that weren't simple deletions involved the code for the tabs above the search box.

6 Responses to “Smaller Google home page”

  1. Paul Scrivens Says:

    Myself and a couple of others recreated Google in CSS layouts and also saw a drop in file sizes along with better accessibility. Check it out

  2. MikeyC Says:

    “The result is 30% smaller and works slightly better.”

    This is a bit of a surprise to me as I’d read that Google did a bunch of research and figured out how much money they would save in bandwidth by simply optimizing their home page.

    So they did it… but obviously (as you’ve shown) it could have been optimized even further (30% is not exactly trivial). Any idea why they didn’t go as far as you did? Did you sacrifice backwards-compatibility with older browsers or something like that?

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I don’t know why Google hasn’t already done this. I haven’t tested very old browsers, but somewhat old browsers do better with my version than they do with the original.

  4. vamsi Says:

    it’s very great.

  5. pearl necklace (spammer) Says:

    how does it end up working better, by just changing the size?

  6. snowchyld Says:


    Jesse Ruderman makes a smaller faster google supernifty =D…