Filk began as the music of the fantasy and science fiction fan community. It has expanded to cover other geeky topics such as space exploration and computer programming.

Some of my favorite filk songs:
  • Eternal Flame (God Wrote in Lisp) by Bob Kanefsky and Julia Ecklar (download, lyrics)
  • I want my music on napster by Tom Smith (download, lyrics)
  • The Word of God by Cat Faber and Kathy Mar (download and lyrics)
  • Asteroid Named Rest Stop by Leslie Fish and Julia Ecklar
  • God Lives on Terra by Julia Ecklar (lyrics)
  • The Phoenix by Julia Ecklar
Filk downloads:

I was introduced to filk music at a small concert the night before the 2001 Mars Society convention. After the concert, which I enjoyed, Eli Goldberg gave me one of the copies Roundworm with defective cases he was trying to get rid of. Since Roundworm is all parodies of other filk songs, it was a great starting place for finding out about other filk writers and singers.

One Response to “Filk”

  1. Joe Grossberg Says:

    Do you think rms’s “Free The Software” counts as Filk, even though it’s a capella?