How I search for bugs

People often ask if I memorize bug numbers. I've only memorized a few bug numbers; my speed comes from having memorized parts of bug summaries and these searching tricks:

  • I use Bugzilla QuickSearch for 99% of my searches. I only use query.cgi when I need "changed in n days" or things only available in boolean charts (such as bug history).
  • I include resolved bugs in most of my searches (using "ALL") so I can follow links from duplicates.
  • I restrict my searches to bugs with 2 or mote votes (using "votes:2") when I search for a bug I know is "popular". About 9% of open bugs have 2 or more votes.

I also change bugs so I can search for them more easily.

  • I change summaries to make bugs show up in searches by adding words that I'm likely to search for.
  • I change summaries to make them easy to understand in search results by making them more precise or shorter.
  • I cross-reference bugs that are closely related by adding a comment to each bug pointing to the other bug.

If I know that two bugs are cross-referenced, I often use the "collect buglinks" bookmarklet instead of skimming comments for the link.

4 Responses to “How I search for bugs”

  1. u Says:

    that’s funny because I just bookmark bugs with a buglist.cgi thing

  2. Jan! Says:

    I had never used your Bugzilla quicksearch thingie, but now I wish I had. It’s really amazing and helped me a lot while looking for a certain XBL bug yesterday. Thanks!

  3. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    I didn’t write QuickSearch, but I did write . Andreas Franke wrote QuickSearch and it’s part of Bugzilla. The form on the Bugzilla front page is a stealth QuickSearch form.

  4. Jan! Says:

    My bad. Still my point remains: a very handy thing, and I never knew about all those options. Thanks to all involved, then. :-)