Firebird build blog

I started a blog, The Burning Edge, to help Mozilla Firebird fans decide which nightlies to use.

2 Responses to “Firebird build blog”

  1. Simon Willison Says:

    Brilliant, I can see this being really useful. Small suggestion: how about making each Bug reference a link to the relevant page in Bugzilla? In fact you could probably write a Moveable Type modification to do that automatically (I think there’s a regexp plugin that could handle it).

  2. Robert Wall Says:

    This is quite like what I do automatically on a nightly basis on my pages:

    My script cross references all bugs referenced in bonsai checkin comments with bugzilla. It also tries to determine the community interest in a bug using a variety of measures, e.g. the number of votes, the number of duplicates filed, assigning values to different keywords. As an example of its effectiveness, this measure highlighted the same bug as you in the 10/08 checkins (i.e. the 11/08 build).

    In addition to Firebird, I track the Mozilla trunk, the 1.4 branch, Camino, Thunderbird and bugzilla (the product) similarly.

    I also added a new cron job to post a list of current Firebird regressions each week recently.