2012-06-02 Trunk builds

Speed & memory:

  • Fixed: 307181 - Eliminate wait while restarting Firefox after update (apply update in background).
  • Fixed: 752877 - Cut wrappers after firing [inner,outer]-window-destroyed. (This followup to bug 695480 fixed a regression affecting Jetpack add-ons. Together, the two patches eliminate 70% of “ghost windows” experienced by Firefox Nightly users.)
  • Fixed: 650353 - Have one global object per compartment. (bholley's blog post)
  • Fixed: 735099 - JS: Re-enable incremental GC on desktop platforms.
  • Fixed: 750834 - JS: Don't throw away code on every GC.
  • Fixed: 744388 - Custom storage for Page Thumbnails (don't use the file cache).
  • Fixed: 702463 - Make smooth scrolling use the refresh driver notifications instead of using its own timer.
  • Fixed: 710935 - Measure lag in handling user input.
  • Fixed: 757807 - Ghost windows on nytimes.com. (roc's blog post)
  • Fixed: 743877 - Tab switching shouldn't occur off a timeout. (Taras's blog post)
  • Fixed: 716439 - Implement clipping to rectangles with rounded corners on the GPU. (mentioned in roc's blog post)
  • Fixed: 692255 - [Windows] Get rid of prefetch files on Windows for faster startup.
  • Fixed: 727864 - [Windows] Enable DLL preloading when MozillaMaintenance service disabled prefetch.
  • Fixed: 715768 - [Windows] Enable Azure-Thebes wrapper by default.

For more, read Taras's Snappy blog and Nick's MemShrink blog.

New web technologies:

  • Fixed: 674225 - Support the Opus voice codec in <audio> and <video> elements. (preffed off: media.opus.enabled)
  • Fixed: 449363 - Support "media" attribute of <source> elements.
  • Fixed: 462959 - Implement the "played" property for media elements.
  • Fixed: 462960 - Implement the "seekable" property for media elements.
  • Fixed: 664918 - Infrastructure for media stream graph processing.
  • Fixed: 249159 - Implement the CSS3 'word-break' property.
  • Fixed: 512525 - Implement the SVG <view> element.
  • Fixed: 528332 - Implement the SVG 'non-scaling-stroke' effect.
  • Fixed: 736010 - Support downloaded fonts in nsMathMLChar.
  • Fixed: 166240 - Implement KeyboardEvent.location from DOM 3 Events.
  • Fixed: 539095 - Expose high-resolution timing API to web content.
  • Fixed: 575688 - Implement DataView from Typed Arrays spec.
  • Fixed: 574132 - Prototype Harmony's rest parameters in SpiderMonkey.
  • Fixed: 377624 - Implement the accept attribute for the form and file upload controls form "image/*".
  • Fixed: 737470 - SPDY v3.
  • Fixed: 716107 - Fullscreen: Better key input support.
  • Fixed: 756992 - Fullscreen: Only show warning when requesting across domain or in unapproved documents.
  • Fixed: 746885 - Fullscreen: Cooperate with pointer lock on approval UI.

For more, read Firefox 15 for developers.

Other notable fixes:

  • Fixed: 137450 - Problem copying and pasting a table from a web page to Excel.
  • Fixed: 590640 - Editor loses type-in state when injecting some elements.
  • Fixed: 756513 - Devtools: Enable the script debugger by default.
  • Fixed: 749628 - Devtools: Implement a "Responsive Design" tool. (paul's blog post)
  • Fixed: 747218 - Devtools: Add a Layout view to the inspector.
  • Fixed: 742753 - Click to Play should permit each element.
  • Fixed: 755062 - It is too easy to enable Flash for sites.
  • Fixed: 754133 - Set background of standalone images (the image itself, not the whole page) to white.
  • Fixed: 673873 - Display placeholder when focusing an empty input.
  • Fixed: 641892 - Support showing multiple popup notification icons at the same time.
  • Fixed: 732303 - Redesign safe mode dialog with the profile reset option. (Verdi's blog post)
  • Fixed: 278860 - Confusing "profile in use"/"already running" error when profile is missing (not found).
  • Fixed: 740795 - Don't ship PDF Viewer as an add-on.
  • Fixed: 588909 - Replace Gecko/<date> with Gecko/<version> in UA string.
  • Fixed: 735471 - Add a pref to switch between window'd preferences and in-content preferences: browser.preferences.inContent.
  • Fixed: 407495 - Make SVG documents with percentage width/height respond to page zoom.
  • Fixed: 662743 - Session restore should do more than restore a <select>'s selectedIndex.
  • Fixed: 749527 - When trying to 'copy' a picture directly from Firefox into a windows live chat box, it copys the image location (link) instead of the image.
  • Fixed: 733513 - [Mac] Enable accessibility APIs.
  • Fixed: 515785 - [Windows] Use new icons for each task in Win7 Jump list tasks. (jared's blog post)


  • Busted: 760803 - Address/Awesome bar: URL completion overrides selection from drop-down list.

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Nightly builds (discussion)

3 Responses to “2012-06-02 Trunk builds”

  1. Manoj Mehta Says:

    I like this new post format, thank you!

    You used to do a post on the key bug-fixes and features added to every Firefox release before the new release schedule was implemented. I look forward to the time when you can resume that activity given the new world order. Having a post that summarizes all that is new in a Firefox release makes it easier to convince folks to switch back to FF.


  2. Manoj Mehta Says:

    Bug 760803 has been fixed by Gavin. Nightlies have been been re-spun with the fix.

  3. tomByrer Says:

    Yes, thanks also for the post!
    Awesome that the incremental GC is back on; really needed for browser-rendered animation & audio!
    Nice to see word-break & rest parameters added.