2011-12-07 Trunk builds

Notable fixes:

  • Fixed: 528288 - Implement SPDY protocol. (Off by default for now: network.http.spdy.enabled)
  • Fixed: 637931 - Shrink JS objects. (Makes Firefox use about 5% less memory overall. memshrink newsletter, js newsletter)
  • Fixed: 527141 - Addon update check should take into account compatibility preferences.
  • Fixed: 642624 - If shutdown Firefox when all closed windows are popups, exception occurs and session isn't saved.
  • Fixed: [Android] Switch nightlies from XUL UI to native (Java) UI.
  • Fixed: 699156 - Support Typed Arrays in XPConnect.
  • Fixed: 699319 - Implement cross-thread communication.
  • Fixed: 704911 - Unusable performance selecting text on github.

All 1114 changes between 2011-11-30 nightly and 2011-12-07 nightly

Nightly builds (discussion)

2 Responses to “2011-12-07 Trunk builds”

  1. Johan Sundström Says:

    If it is now predictable in advance (with the new Firefox release cycle in place and all) in which upcoming Firefox version number these fixes will show up, could you start mentioning that in the masthead of each post? It’s highly valuable information for those of us not so deeply in tune with mozilla’s heart beat to know by heart, and I would assume that it’s easy to add. Additional bonus points for also noting what date the fixes would be available in Firefox Aurora. (I guess both are a function of the trunk build date?)

    Whether that guess is right or not, your burning edge notes have an excellent S/N ratio, unlike most project progress blogs. Thanks for continuous good work!

  2. Per Ångström Says:

    This Linux build has so far crashed about five times for me in just a couple of hours, with no apparent pattern.