2011-09-12 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 608741 - Enable type inference to improve method JIT performance (also disables the trace JIT).
  • Fixed: 3512 - Implement font-stretch property.
  • Fixed: 582596 - DevTools: Style view centered around answering common CSS questions (somewhat hidden for now).
  • Fixed: 273456 - Plugins (mainly PDF/Java) steal shortcut keys/focus/mouse events when tab is out of focus (inactive).
  • Fixed: 669410 - SafeBrowsing: use a PrefixSet to reduce amount of times SQLite DB must be queried.
  • Fixed: 681884 - Faster slow path of GC allocation.
  • Fixed: 674251 - Make JSScripts gc-things.
  • Fixed: 663138 - Improve performance for non-reentrant closures.

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Nightly builds (discussion)

2 Responses to “2011-09-12 Trunk builds”

  1. Archaeopteryx Says:

    The type reference link has the correct link, but the wrong bug number in the label.

  2. geeknik Says:

    Since 608741 landed, should these be set to false in about:config?


    I’m running the 9-13-2011 Nightly and mine are set to true.