2010-06-08 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 175600 - Only 8192 objects can be stored in disk cache.
  • Fixed: 567154 - [Windows] Start producing experimental 64-bit Windows builds.
  • Fixed: 484181 - Spellcheck broken in contenteditable DIV with preceding empty DIV within a DIV.
  • Fixed: 426082 - Hovering on label should indicate for which checkbox/radiobutton belongs to.
  • Fixed: 567497 - [Windows] Files executed via download manager cause Win7 compatibility mode to permanently apply to firefox.exe and not downloaded file.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 567944 - Hang (for several minutes, at least) on loading HTML5 single-page spec.

All changes between 2010-05-29 04:00 and 2010-06-08 04:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly (discussion)

Mac builds: Mac nightly

Linux builds: Linux nightly

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