2009-04-05 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 473705 - Enable SVG Animation (SMIL) in builds by default.
  • Fixed: 422526 - Implement localStorage.
  • Fixed: 148810, 162063, 156888 - Fix most bugs with dynamic use of table-related display types.
  • Fixed: 423756 - Add support for "image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges" to turn off bilinear filtering when enlarging images.
  • Fixed: 480873 - Favicons missing from the places UI after cache has been cleared.
  • Fixed: 431098 - Impossible to clear file upload controls.
  • Fixed: 473904 - Add an about:config option for toggling SVG Animation (SMIL) support.
  • Fixed: 462289 - Clicking the selected tab should not focus the tab bar.
  • Fixed: 424101 - Inputs with type image don't give a context menu to save the image.
  • Fixed: 203271 - max-age should override expires in http headers.
  • Fixed: 450160 - DOMImplementation createDocument does not create an HTML document.
  • Fixed: 457810 - Speculatively load stylesheets from preloading.
  • Fixed: 480148 - Restore visible tabs first when restoring session.
  • Fixed: 435687 - Add Mibbit as a default IRC protocol web handler.
  • Fixed: 481558 - Loading an untrusted stylesheet should not allow that stylesheet to inject script using XBL.
  • Fixed: 338209 - Make spellchecker use thicker wavy underlines instead of dotted underlines on some platforms.
  • Fixed: 340571 - getBoxObjectFor leaking-onto-the-Web disaster.
  • Fixed: 475441 - Cache media data after playing it and across seeks.
  • Fixed: 474748 - Optimize video frame rendering.
  • Fixed: 422163 - Split History container in the Library (like sidebar BY DATE).
  • Fixed: 484319 - Add logging mode that shows TraceMonkey aborts only.
  • Fixed: 481440 - Revisit our id table.
  • Fixed: 421611 - Need to be able to run tests on arbitrary build.
  • Fixed: 389074 - [Mac] Implement Core Text backend to render text.
  • Fixed: 360018 - [Mac] Date format always en_US instead of system setting.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since Apr 1: 486425 - Findbar textbox for notfound is white-on-white.
  • Since Mar 11: 482928 - All menus/panels appear on primary display when Firefox is on secondary.

mozilla-central pushlog for 2009-03-04 04:00 to 2009-04-05 04:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly (discussion)

Mac builds: Mac nightly

Linux builds: Linux nightly

2 Responses to “2009-04-05 Trunk builds”

  1. Boris Says:

    The DOMImplementation thing has been fixed since 2008-09-20. The recent checkin was just a test change with a really crappy checkin comment (pretty typical; I don’t think anyone other than Serge understands those cryptic little notations he uses).

  2. Helder Magalhães Says:

    (from the previous blog entry, which does no longer accept comments:)
    > Please give these builds extra testing.
    > The changes for synchronous XMLHttpRequests are big and scary […]

    Well, within the last few days, I noticed that several Ajax libraries (such as qooxdoo [1]) seem to be broken regarding XHR… I didn’t properly crawl for (possibly) related bugs in Firefox nor able to track down this yet within the frameworks, but the source is likely collateral damage from the “improving Web compatibility” effort. At least one library, XMLHttpRequest [2], doesn’t seem to be affected, which suggests that the change of behavior has triggered potential underlying bugs in the frameworks. Further investigation is required in order to confirm for possible “real” regressions or bugs within the Ajax frameworks.

    Is anyone else experiencing this also? With which framework(s)?

    [1] http://demo.qooxdoo.org/0.7.4/demobrowser/#test~RPC_1.html (just click on “Send to server” button and a message stating “Sync exception: Error: Transport error 0: Unknown status code” will be shown; expected result would be an HTTP 301 — redirect)
    [2] http://www.ilinsky.com/articles/XMLHttpRequest/#usage (press the several “click to run!” buttons and take a look at the “XMLHttpRequest calling log”)