2008-07-25 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 395161 - Make it possible to restrict the url bar autocomplete results to bookmarks/tagged/history entries and match only url/title. (Mardak's blog entry)
  • Fixed: 424557 - Allow AwesomeBar to default search only urls (or history/titles/bookmarks/tags).
  • Fixed: 407888 - Editing text in the middle of the address bar doesn't update results.
  • Fixed: 392143 - Show keywords as url bar autocomplete choices.
  • Fixed: 249468 - Add all bookmark keywords to location bar autocomplete drop-down list.
  • Fixed: 99457 - Support CSS3 'word-wrap' property.
  • Fixed: 271586 - Implement CSS3 column-rule-*.
  • Fixed: 416317 - Implement W3C Selectors API (querySelector and querySelectorAll).
  • Fixed: 132824 - Implement NodeIterator object of Traversal API.
  • Fixed: 427448 - [Mac] Applescript curl & ptit query worked in FF2 fails in FF3.
  • Fixed: 445476 - Need a pref to disable the new ctrl+tab preview panel.
  • Fixed: 446323 - Upgrade cairo to 1.6.4-348-g96c9e2a.

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One Response to “2008-07-25 Trunk builds”

  1. Phillip Says:

    Microsoft will never tell you when they add support for specific CSS features. I love the freedom of Free software.