2008-02-25 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 239429 - Display URL in status bar while using bookmark & history sidebars.
  • Fixed: 401291 - Optimize handling of dynamic changes for advanced CSS selectors.
  • Fixed: 73586 - Matching of :first-child, :only-child, and :last-child not dynamically updated.
  • Fixed: 98997 - Matching of :empty not dynamically updated.
  • Fixed: 229915 - Matching of + combinator not dynamically updated.
  • Fixed: 261081 - Add support for pre-wrap value of white-space.
  • Fixed: 381661 - [Windows] Fix and reenable bilinear filtering for upscaled images.
  • Fixed: 409796 - No pictures shown in saved file (file name and folder name, containing that file, is in cyrillic).
  • Fixed: 355068 - XSLTProcessor.transformToFragment seems to use only output method "text".
  • Fixed: 416696 - Restart and quit alerts should use independent "don't warn again" prefs.
  • Fixed: 414366 - Identify if we will be going back or forward in new unified drop-down history (Needs visual indication such as back/forward arrows).
  • Fixed: 349865 - Drop "Copy Link Location" from mailto: link context menu.
  • Fixed: 406779 - Clicking site/identity button should restore location bar contents.
  • Fixed: 408797 - Implement Change Password as a notification bar.
  • Fixed: 348472 - [Mac] Command-Option-F should select the web search box.
  • Fixed: 355477 - [Linux] Map mouse buttons 8-9 to back/forward.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 417800 - Revert to not blocking third-party cookies.
  • Fixed: 418755 - Stop throwing WRONG_DOCUMENT_ERR since the web can't deal.
  • Fixed: 409380 - range.selectNodeContents throws an INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR on elements created with document.createElement.
  • Fixed: 418457 - Remove support for onbeforecopy/cut/paste until we have a better implementation.
  • Fixed: 389290 - Bookmarks Menu - dropmarker missing.
  • Fixed: 416886 - JavaScript components in extensions should be registered last.
  • Fixed: 417152 - Move the Home button only if the bookmarks toolbar is visible.
  • Fixed: 417810 - Frequently Visited Pages Disappear From Location Bar Autocomplete.
  • Fixed: 417543 - [Windows] Bottom & left dashed/dotted outlines/borders are drawn solid.

Trunk checkins between 2008-02-17 04:00 and 2008-02-25 04:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly

Mac builds: Mac nightly

8 Responses to “2008-02-25 Trunk builds”

  1. FP Says:

    Is bug 308073 ([Windows Vista] Change default download folder from Desktop to Downloads) an error or did you forget to include it when it was originally fixed?

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks for catching that error. There was a checkin “Fix DOS newlines added by the patch for bug 308073” and I let that throw me off. Looks like I mentioned it before: http://www.squarefree.com/burningedge/2007/08/24/2007-08-24-trunk-builds/

  3. FP Says:

    While I’m on a roll… the build date year is listed as 2007.

  4. Ken Roberts Says:

    I get a big kick out of reading your concise “behind the scenes” look at all the great progress.
    Thank you for taking the time to post it,

  5. Caroline Says:

    Jesse, you’re my hero ;)

    would it be possible for you to write a small (tiny?) article on your page describing (with pictures) progress of various mozilla trunk/branches?
    I am more or less confused from 1.8, 1.8.0, trunk, central and so on… which one should I pick?

    Are these changes here being added to the upcoming beta4 of firefox 3.0? or firefox 3.0 is on another branch and this is 3.0.1?

    is it better to download firefox 3.0 beta3 from official site or is it better to download today’s trunk?

    thanks for answers, I think it should be safe to pick up a trunk now, but I am really confused from so many builds in nightly directory.

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Firefox 3 betas currently come off of trunk, so yes, these changes will be included in Firefox 3 Beta 4.

    If you want something that’s less likely to blow up, get Firefox 3 Beta 3 and update to Firefox 3 Beta 4 when it comes out (likely next week). If you want to try out the latest changes and help us make Firefox 3 Beta 4 as good as possible, get a nightly and report any bugs you run into :)

    The 1.8 branch corresponds to Firefox 2.0.0.x, while the 1.8.0 branch corresponds to Firefox 1.5.0.x. Trunk is where most active development is happening. I think Central is still experimental, only used by people who are thinking about Mozilla 2.

  7. Caroline Says:

    Thank you for clear and concise answer, I can’t wait Jesse till next week, downloading today’s nightly trunk ;)

    Hope they done something to plugin systems, my notebook is runing hot from 100% CPU usage on Firefox 2 when I load some flash pages. And it eats a lot of battery too… I know it is a macromedia fault but still browser should be able to do something with it.

  8. CooLynX Says:

    Btw, is it a known bug that after Beta 2 builds, trunk and Beta 3+ builds after a period of time Firefox looses connection – you can open new tabs but they will never load anything and reloading pages does not help?

    I tried many times, even right now with pre beta 4 trunk builds with a clean profile. The only thing I manually import are bookmarks, passwords, cookies, formhistory.