2006-07-07 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 241972 - New window opened by window.open('xxx.exe') or target="_blank" isn't closed automatically when a download begins. (Only fixed well for fast downloads -- see bug 343921.)
  • Fixed: 313337 - Fastclick popup gets around popup blocking by abusing the onchange event.
  • Fixed: 340677 - Update preferences panels (add anti-phishing, rationalize categories, simplify wording).
  • Fixed: 342700 - Make undo close tab more discoverable.
  • Fixed: 170477 - XMLHttpRequest()s have no referer.
  • Fixed: 342062 - Add ability to observe mutations in just a subtree.
  • Fixed: 314119 - Showing first launch page instead of my imported home page is confusing -- show both in tabs.
  • Fixed: 337390 - Session restore dialog is scary / confusing.
  • Fixed: 337484 - Add the ability for users to report a phishing site.
  • Fixed: 332774 - Create API allowing extensions to hook into the session-restore service.
  • Fixed: 310071 - [Windows] Add downloaded files to Windows' "Recent Documents" folder.
  • Fixed: 343180 - [Mac] New version of JEP (0.9.5+f), which fixes a Java topcrash and some other bugs.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 337386 - Search suggestion autocomplete latency/delay can make search slow to respond or seem broken.
  • Fixed: 342991 - Feeds show up empty.
  • Fixed: 341771 - Download manager does not overwrite existing files after confirmation.
  • Fixed: 343264 - I'm prompted to save a password that password manager filled in.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since ?: 343659 - Typing into text boxes performs very slowly (after opening and closing many tabs).
  • Since VC8/Cairo: 329237 - [Windows] Firefox uninstaller fails.
  • Since Cairo: 324707 - Animated GIFs leave trails / don't erase in Cairo.
  • Since Cairo: 324560 - Can't see many Unicode characters in Cairo.
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): [Mac] Opacity doesn't work. (Related to 325296. Cairo will fix.)
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): 324819 - Fixed positioned elements now lag/flicker when scrolling.
  • Since Jan 26 (FDL): 324963 - [Windows] Menu highlight is broken/doesn't show up/not painted.

Trunk checkins between 2006-07-01 06:00 and 2006-07-07 06:00

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3 Responses to “2006-07-07 Trunk builds”

  1. Manoj Says:

    There is a memory leak when using Live Bookmarks (I have the BBC, the IHT and Digg as Live bookmarks) in the latest trunk build and firefox 2.0 alpha 3 builds. Anyone else seeing this?

  2. Jan! Says:

    I have a problem with the trunk builds in combination with Microsoft’s new sans-serif fonts, “Candara” and “Calibri”. I use Candara as my default sans-serif, but it looks strange in my trunk build. The kerning/letter spacing is all wonky. See http://jan.moesen.nu/cairo.tmp/. The same happens with Calibri.

    I thought “Fixed: 330715 – [Windows] Cairo incorrectly substitutes fonts and then bolds them incorrectly (incorrect fonts on Burning Edge bug lists) (since Cairo).” would have solved that, but apparently not. Is it a known bug, or should I file a new one? I didn’t find anything using “ALL candara OR calibri” or “ALL vista font”.

  3. Manoj Says:

    I am experiencing the same issue so this is definitely a bug.