2006-01-21 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 308396 - Tabbed-browsing changes.
  • Fixed: 309550 - Clear inside fieldset doesn't work.
  • Fixed: 304980 - nsIXMLHttpRequest throws exception on access of status member when the request failed due to a timeout.
  • Fixed: 316764 - Implement <svg:mask>.
  • Fixed: 324182 - Userdefined tags can lose one of their attributes. (This was one of the amusing HTML-parsing bugs Hixie found last week.)

The tabbed-browsing changes:

  • Close buttons on tabs, including background tabs (as long as browser.tabs.disableBackgroundClose is true and each tab is at least browser.tabs.tabClipWidth pixels wide).
  • Make it easier to get back to the "parent tab" when you click a link that opens in a new window: if a link opens a new tab with focus, when that tab is closed, focus returns to its parent tab only if you have not manually switched to another tab.
  • Simplify the preferences available for tabs.
  • Improve the visual appearance of keyboard-focused tabs.

See Mike Beltzner's post and this thread on MozillaZine for more about the tabbed-browsing changes.

Fixes for recent regressions:

  • Fixed: 323549 - History autocomplete doesn't autocomplete "fi" to "file://" URIs correctly.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since ~Jan 3: 322414 - Frequent random crashes [@ _PR_MD_ATOMIC_DECREMENT], especially with adblock.

Trunk checkins between 2006-01-19 06:00 and 2006-01-21 06:00

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5 Responses to “2006-01-21 Trunk builds”

  1. Shawn Says:

    At the risk of sounding like a complete fanboy: these look like some fantastic changes!

    In fact, all of the changes listed here make me happy (in a usefulness sort of way, not just an “oh, that sounds cool” sort of way).

  2. Chris Says:

    i haven’t been able to get any binary updates using the trunk nightly update channel since the 01-20 build. Before that, everything worked fine. This is a pitty, since this build is very interesting. I could just download a full trunk build of course, but i’m just wondering if something broke in the automatic updates?

  3. Steve Says:

    I think the title should be ‘2006’

  4. tester Says:

    Steve: rofl, yeaaaah you are right.

  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Steve is right. I’m actually amazed I made it this far into January before making my first wrong-year error.