2006-01-03 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 319004 - Overlong page title causes hang on subsequent startups. (The fix was to truncate long titles in history, not store long URLs. A patch to improve the performance of reading long strings from Mork was also checked in.)
  • Fixed: 202992 - "h" or "htt" cut off in address bar autocomplete (adds :// to domain names starting with "p" or "t").
  • Fixed: 309521 - Puzzle-piece UI for missing plugins is missing (since Sept 22).
  • Fixed: 213832 - about:config filtering enhancement: search for status/type/value and allow wildcards.
  • Fixed: 264162 - Make CSS errors appear in JS console as warnings (not errors), and add a pref for hiding them completely (layout.css.report_errors).
  • Fixed: 306067 - Somewhat frequent crash involving autocomplete.
  • Fixed: 259031 - Add support for displaying certificate extensions.
  • Fixed: 114850 - Scrollbars permanently hidden; window.scrollbars.visible = false;.
  • Fixed: 313888 - Empty URL should not be auto-completed (e.g. with Ctrl+Enter).
  • Fixed: 312896 - Tab strip should not respond to double click in space above and below tabs.
  • Fixed: 315034 - If search is set to open in a new tab, Alt+Enter should open the search result in the current tab.
  • Fixed: 315951 - Unknown content type dialog leaks domwindow; options window animation leaks document.
  • Fixed: 317628 - Add "Web page, complete" to the Save File As... dialogue for SVG files.
  • Fixed: 318193 - Input streams are not implemented consistently.
  • Fixed: 321558 - document.write not honoring TITLE.
  • Fixed: Happy new year! Change Mozilla Contributors copyright dates from 2005 to 2006.
  • Fixed: 315195 - [Mac] Select wrong default font if I close the preferences window with Command + W shortcut.
  • Fixed: 313988 - [Mac 10.3] Positioned select drop-down doesn't work.

Trunk regressions:

  • Since Dec 29: 321816 - [Windows] Triple-clicking does not select the line anymore.

Trunk checkins between 2005-12-24 06:00 and 2006-01-03 06:00

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Linux builds: Linux nightly, Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly (now from atlantia)

10 Responses to “2006-01-03 Trunk builds”

  1. nestastnik Says:

    Jessie, I really don’t know WHAT FOR are good Trunk changelogs…this TRUNK will be of any use for non-sick-non-mad-and-sane-betatesting people maybe after a YEAR of continuous development, and we won’t get stable version till mid 2007, I should know, I ‘experienced’ some promises from phoenix 0.4…

    So assuming I could test it in the end of 2006(when it will have some bugs, but at least it will be usable), we can begin to write some blog changes then…remember, mozilla developers take time to develop…sometime 3 times more than on schedule (considered normal in open source world contrary when such things are done by Microsoft), so don’t expect this trunk of any use too soon…better watch Firefox 2.0 and not 3.0…

    just my 10 cents…I would throw 2, but FF 1.5 was a BIG dissapoitment here…despite I think it is the BEST browser nowadays…YES, and I used Opera from 3.x version till 6.x extensivelly…now testing 9 and it still is crap in some things…so we don’t have much option for good browser.

  2. Chris Says:

    There are still some people who like to use and test trunk builds, and be on the lookout for the latest and greatest. All interesting development (new features etc) is done on the trunk. That’s what open source development is all about.
    In fact, i find that the trunk builds are incredibly useable (most of the time). And i don’t mind the occasional bug or crash. It’s not like my life depends on it.

    Seems like you’re more interested in stability enhancements, so you might want to look for the (fixed) buglists of the 1.5.0.x branch builds, or even better: download these builds and test them.

    To be brutally honest, i’ve read your comments on Jesse’s posts for some time now. You keep mentioning how bad Firefox 1.5 is, how it’s development is even worse. All your posts are about your annoyances with the product, and about your impatience.
    I don’t understand your comment about Microsoft. They have a small army of dedicated programmers, and still they’re postponing the release of their products. And when it’s finally released, it’s still full of bugs and insecurity. At least Open Source
    development has an excuse for postponing their products…

    I don’t see how your negative comments are going to change anything. In fact, all it does is create annoyed developers and others who spend their spare time on fixing Firefox in any way. It’s okay to give your opinion, but at the very least, *try* to keep it positive. And if you desperately want to be negative (we all need to scream out loud from time to time.. it’s healthy): write it down *once*, and not in every single post.

    So Jesse: keep up the good work! I enjoy reading through the buglists and see what’s fixed, either on trunk or branch.

    Just my 10 eurocents.

  3. tester Says:

    Chris, nice said, “brutally honest” hehe that’s a good one ;-)

    Firefox ownz ya arses, I’ve been browsing P0rn sites for whole day on unsecured winXP(w/o any SP or patch) and didn’t get a single shit(no spyware/adware/troyan/virus/whatever) just a few hundreds MB of awesome videos like “cum in the face” and similiar lovely stuff.


  4. nestastnik Says:

    Chris, to be bruttaly honest…I deserved it 8D, beside, I expected such reaction.
    To this MS thing, maybe I am a MS fanboy, or maybe because I work with MS technologies (.NET), the quality of todays work and speed of development of what comming from MS (at least in my areas) cannout be compared, not even thought of, to open-source. It’s simply bug-free, release quick, technology breaktrough, response adultness, nice attitude and I could continue, but open source will never find out how MS has changed…They still believe this Vista/Longhorn crap rumors spawning around the net (recently HW req) and I wonder they didn’t see 7.Nov 2005. Thus my anger to FF, which didn’t deliver what I thought it will and so so so so so simply Peter Gabriel SO!

    btw. how can you release a RC1/2/3 -> final when it will crash at some sites heavily and even eats memmory like (i don’t have app that each so much) and call it FINAL after 3 times longer development? But maybe I am wrong here…

    tester: lovely =)))))

  5. nestastnik Says:

    I mean release RC1 etc when this bugs have been reported? At least by me…

  6. peakshysteria Says:

    Hmm, nestastnik; i’ve said it before, dont know why you bother. Your comments are always the same both here and on the branch builds releases………Looks to me you’re better of with something else…….you arent exactly helping with your constant negative attitude……….to be brutally honest…..

  7. nestastnik Says:

    Hmm, nestastnik; i’ve said it before, dont know why you bother.

    maybe you should translate my nick (hint: you’ll need slovak translator) =)

  8. nestastnik Says:

    and btw, I don’t know, if I lied I would understand, but I have been totaly honest…simply telling the truth sometimes hurts, and where ego is, and open source got THE EGO, the truth hurts more

  9. nestastnik Says:

    to be a bit possitive, I’ve been moderately browsing today (*heavy for average joe*), particulary much to the number of windows and tabs open and diversity of sites visited (50% of microsoft/technet/MSDN sometimes-not-compatibile ones -> MSpages not displeying 1/3 part at the end of the document or MSDN not working correctly), so I expected crash here and there. I even backup-ed some things which I do not do often. I already read all/closed all and I am finishing. It didn’t crash for a whole day. The memmory peak after 5 hours of my work is ONLY 120MB, and I do not lie!

    And there were sometimes 20 tabs in just one window open (from 1 site), and sometimes cca 8 windows. But not statically open, I closed them and openned others windows regulary the whole day. Cosidering 120MB of memmory usage is the peak of the day is simply _amazing_. A bit funny is 75 MB memmory usage when I closed all the freaky windows and tabs and let only this page open, e.g. can be said I left open 1/100 of content =)
    But then again, this peak mem make me feel REAL GOOD! _AWESOMITY_, and I think I had even http://www.asp.net site open I don’t remember if I restarted the browser after it.

    I definitely think this is a progress from RC3/final and not placebo effect, maybe it is because of newer Gecko.

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.2; en-US; rv: Gecko/20060106 Firefox/

  10. SuperMichael Says:

    Wow nestastnik that looks really promising :))