2005-10-22 Branch builds


  • Fixed: 313300 - Change default for browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction from 0 to 2. (Make "Force links that open new windows to open in... new tabs" not apply to window.open with specified width, height, or other features.)
  • Fixed: 245418 - Menus and contextual menus open on wrong screen when using dual screens.
  • Fixed: 313240 - Update service fails via exception when run as non-privileged user.

No known major regressions.

Gecko 1.8 branch checkins between 2005-10-21 06:00 and 2005-10-22 06:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly, Windows hourly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly, Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly

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