Firefox 1.0.7 release candidates, round 2

Fixes for regressions caused by security fixes:

  • Fixed: 302809 - AJAX regression: POST setRequestHeader causes NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE for invalid headers, should ignore them.

Aviary 1.0.x branch checkins between 2005-09-13 19:30 and 2005-09-14 09:17

These are release candidates for Firefox 1.0.7 and Mozilla Suite 1.7.12. Please help test them so these security updates can be released quickly.

Marcia is offering a reward for finding regressions since Firefox 1.0.6. Areas most likely to have regressions are proxy autoconfig (PAC), installing extensions, XMLHttpRequest, XBM images, Arabic text shaping,, IDN, and about: URLs. One way to help test for regressions is to make sure your webmail, banking, and intranet sites still work.

Firefox: Windows, Linux, Mac.

Mozilla suite: Windows, Linux, Mac.

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