Pre-Firefox 1.0.7 builds


  • Fixed: 308281 - Installer changes for Firefox 1.0.7 / Mozilla 1.7.12 to remove files from IDN XPI.
  • Fixed: 308280 - Bump Firefox version on aviary1.0.1 branch to 1.0.7, GRE to 1.7.12.
  • Fixed: 301180 - Crash if you stop mail search and hit the search button again (Mozilla Suite 1.7.x only).

Fixes for regressions introduced by security fixes in previous 1.0.x releases:

  • Fixed: 302100 - Firefox 1.0.6 crashes when loading any page if PAC script uses eval.
  • Fixed: 300853 - CAPS crash on cleanup (35% of Mozilla Suite 1.7.11 crashes but only 0.24% of Firefox 1.0.6 crashes).
  • Fixed: 291178 - InstallTrigger.getVersion gone in Firefox 1.0.3.

Security fixes:

  • Fixed: 307259 - Buffer overflow with hostname of all soft hyphens.
  • Fixed: Several other security holes.

Aviary 1.0.x branch checkins between 2005-07-16 00:00 (~Firefox 1.0.6) and 2005-09-13 12:00

These builds contain most of the changes that will go into Firefox 1.0.7 and Mozilla Suite 1.7.12. Please help test them. Areas most likely to have regressions are proxy autoconfig (PAC), installing extensions, XMLHttpRequest, XBM images, arabic text shaping,, and IDN.

Pre-Firefox 1.0.7 builds: Windows, Linux, Mac.

Pre-Mozilla Suite 1.7.12 builds: Windows, Linux, Mac.

2 Responses to “Pre-Firefox 1.0.7 builds”

  1. Mathieu Says:

    Hiding the security holes fixed is pointless if we can analyse the checkins since the last version…

  2. Anonymous Says:

    The checkins only show what was changed, not how to exploit the security hole…