2005-08-28 Branch builds

New stuff:

  • Fixed: 305955 - Add keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D for "Bookmark All Tabs" (except on Linux).


  • Fixed: 284086 - "Sanitize on shutdown" fails if the last closed window is not a browser window.
  • Fixed: 249136 - Focus lost when key pressed in newly loading foreground tab.
  • Fixed: 302486 - Proxy (PAC) edit box plays games with URI fixup while you type.
  • Fixed: 305345 - If find toolbar is already opened, if you press "'" or "/" key on browser, the character should not be set to find toolbar.
  • Fixed: 305828 - Changes to tabbrowser.xml for sessionsaver extension.

Fixes for regressions:

  • Partially fixed: 305167 - Bfcache stops javascript ticker on BBC homepage.

Fixes for security holes:

  • Fixed: 299677 - Almost every element can steal focus from another tab with focus or blur method.

Major regressions since Deer Park Alpha 2:

  • Since Aug 27: 306208 - Regression: tabbar is visible in popups.

Gecko 1.8 branch checkins between 2005-08-26 05:00 and 2005-08-28 06:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly, Windows hourly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly, Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly

5 Responses to “2005-08-28 Branch builds”

  1. Tyler Says:

    306208 is already fixed :)

  2. Simplex Says:

    … on the trunk.

  3. Tyler Says:

    Ahhh… Missed that part. Thanks for catching it.

  4. Greg K Nicholson Says:

    And on the branch.

    Isn’t it a bit odd that bugs filed against the 1.5 branch are marked FIXED when they’re fixed only on the trunk and thus unfixed on the branch aganst which they were filed?

  5. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    For bugs that exist on both the trunk and the branch, the “FIXED” resolution is used to mean “Fixed on trunk” and the “fixed1.8” keyword is used to mean “fixed on the Gecko 1.8 branch”, regardless of where the bug was first reported.