2005-08-24 Branch builds


  • Fixed: 289362 - Replace Dictionary.com with Answers.com for dictionary lookup.
  • Fixed: 305583 - Allow explicit use of XMLList constructor with E4X disabled.

Fixes for regressions:

  • Fixed: 305288 - Blank options dialog when browser.preferences.animateFadeIn is true (default on Mac) (since Aug 19).
  • Fixed: 297561 - onmouseover, JavaScript alert shows twice.

Major regressions since Deer Park Alpha 2:

  • Since Aug 23: 305724 - Gmail - Contacts locks Gmail.

Gecko 1.8 branch checkins between 2005-08-23 06:00 and 2005-08-24 06:00

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Linux builds: Linux nightly, Linux hourly

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5 Responses to “2005-08-24 Branch builds”

  1. amake Says:

    305724 was marked a duplicate of an already-fixed bug.

  2. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Bug 305724 does exist in these builds. Bug 305724 was caused a while ago by the fix for bug 292731 and then fixed today by the patch in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=292731#c28. I don’t know why Brendan marked it as a duplicate rather than as fixed.

  3. Smylers Says:

    A side-effect of Bug 289362 is that bookmark keywords have been improved (necessary to work with Answers.com). I think this means that having a keyword for the Internet Acrchive’s WayBack Machine should now work.

    For example if you define wm as the keyword for http://web.archive.org/*/%s then you should be able to view archived versions of a page simply by inserting “wm” before the current URL (that is, type Ctrl+L w m Space Enter.. But I haven’t tried this build yet, so I might be wrong!

  4. Alex Bishop Says:

    Smylers: the wm thing sort-of works, except characters like : and / in URLs are escaped, which the Internet Archive doesn’t like.

    The Google-owns-Mozilla conspiracy theorists are going to love the change from Dictionary.com to Answers.com, especially given that it was made by a Google employee and exactly mirrors the change Google made with respect to its provider of dictionary definitions for its own search results.

  5. Smylers Says:

    Alex: That’s a shame — that’s what a WayBack Machine keyword does at the moment. Reading Bug 289362 it seemed that Answers.com use the same format as the WayBack machine, so I was hoping that Ben’s changes would have fixed this.