2005-08-08 Trunk builds


  • Fixed: 298943 - If bookmarks.html is missing, bookmark.bak is not copied to bookmarks.html.
  • Fixed: 253661 - [Windows] Nine steps to better menus in Firefox.
  • Fixed: 202014 - [Mac] Add header/footer configuration for printing.

Fixes for regressions:

  • Fixed: 290782 - URIs passed to firefox lacking http:// fails.
  • Fixed: 303723 - API compatibility vs. the fix for bug 299209.

Major regressions since Deer Park Alpha 2:

  • Since July 31: 303267 - Back/Forward break JavaScript.
  • Since July 31: 302885 - Can't type into rich text editor, designMode not working anymore.
  • Since July 26: 302281 - [Linux] Open links from external applications always opens link in new window.
  • Since July 26: 302136 - Two clicks on "Install Now" button are necessary to install an extension.

All checkins between 2005-08-07 07:00 and 2005-08-08 07:00

Windows builds: Windows nightly, Windows hourly (discussion)

Linux builds: Linux nightly, Linux hourly

Mac builds: Mac nightly, Mac hourly

6 Responses to “2005-08-08 Trunk builds”

  1. Hank Roberts Says:

    Is there any gossip or rumor about the “Can’t type into rich text” bug?
    Since July 31: 302885 – Can’t type into rich text editor, designMode not working anymore.

    It has some 40 votes. Just curious whether there’s furious and agitated activity going on behind the scenes somewhere or if it’s known to depend on something else that’ll change in geological time. It’s stopped me from testing builds after the last time it worked (7/30, for OSX and I guess everything else) since many of the websites I use are affected.

  2. Elder Young Says:

    I’m using the 20050808 build for Windows and the update function still doesn’t work. Dee Park tells me an update is available, downloads it and installs it, but does not correctly restart afterwards. When I click restart now, the program closes and does not restart. When I double click the icon, the program opens and immediately tells me that the same update that I just installed is available to download. I don’t know if this is an extension issue, but I currently have IE View 1.24, SessionSaver (disabled because I thought it might affect the update process, it didn’t), OpenBook 1.2.0, Download Manager Tweak 0.6.6, Remove It Permanently 1.0.4, De-ImageShack 0.5.3, AdBlock Plus 0.5.9, downTHEMall 0.9, Thumbs 0.5, BugMeNot 0.6.2, Download Embedded 0.1, Greasemonkey 0.5 and the newest versions of Reporter and TalkBack. I’ll try a new profile without extensions to see if it fixes the update issue.

  3. Elder Young Says:

    Nope, a new profile didn’t change the behavior at all. Oh well, I just uninstalled the last build and used the exe installer for the newest one. Hopefully this will start working soon.

  4. Artem Tashkinov Says:

    I’m still using build Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.8b4) Gecko/20050728 Firefox/1.0+, because of the bug “Since July 31: 303267 – Back/Forward break JavaScript.” introduction. I simply can’t live without JS on some sites (especially BBS’es)

  5. Mugros Says:

    Has anyone any differences because of this fixed “bug:
    Fixed: 253661 – [Windows] Nine steps to better menus in Firefox.
    My menues look exactly like before.

  6. Elder Young Says:

    In case anyone cares, I was informed by the lovely people at the official buidl forum about a fix for the update problem I’ve been having. It appears to be part of an issue with long file names in Windows systems using NTFS, included in bug #303598 and #303599. I installed Deer Park in a directory AlphaFx (notice the lack of spaces) and the updater works correctly, and I don’t get a ton of error pages after every new install. Hopefully they’ll come up with a legitimate fix for this besides using a different directory or changing a registry key.