2005-06-30 Trunk builds

Exciting new stuff:

  • Fixed: 216466 - Use error pages instead of dialogs for e.g. HTTP networking errors (default browser.xul.error_pages.enabled to true).
  • Fixed: 298293 - Turn on fastback/bcfache by default in ff 1.1a2 / gecko 1.8b3. (default browser.sessionhistory.max_viewers to 3.)
  • Fixed: Many bugs related to software update.
  • Fixed: 179845 - Support dragging a link onto the New Tab / New Window toolbar button.
  • Fixed: 260054 - Add context sensitive Help to Options dialog.
  • Fixed: 288053 - Consider enabling automatic-ntlm auth for proxies (again).
  • Fixed: 274374 - Mac OS X Shell Service ("Set default browser" support, etc.).
  • Fixed: 262915 - View-source: pseudo protocol forces opening of new window.
  • Fixed: 295544 - Expose more designMode options to web apps.
  • Fixed: 294609 - Restore Ctrl+Enter to highlight for the Find Bar.
  • Fixed: 296888 - Enable reporter as part of default install for windows and linux builds.
  • Fixed: 282940 - [Mac] Switch Mozilla/Firefox to CFRunLoopSource-based plevent handling. (More information on Josh's blog)
  • Fixed: 298430 [Mac] Drop support for Mac OS X 10.1 (More information on Josh's blog)

New stuff for Mozilla and extension developers:

  • Fixed: 253742 - No way of installing platform specific XPCOM components (dll/so) based on user OS.
  • Fixed: 255619 - Ability to restrict to compatible operating systems.
  • Fixed: 223097 - Interface for checking a Node against a XML Schema type.
  • Fixed: 285584 - Make download & extension manager use a new accessible XBL widget, richlistbox.
  • Fixed: 296430 - Allow extensions to ship searchplugins.
  • Fixed: 295109 - Support pr-loading gssapi libraries for negotiateauth.

Security fixes:

  • Fixed: 296850 - Frame injection spoofing with targets (bug 246448 returns - SA15601).
  • Fixed: Several other security holes.

Fixes for regressions:

  • Fixed: 284245 - Richedit/designMode not working anymore at blogger.com (since Feb 24).
  • Fixed: 293761 - Layout screw-up after clicking on "Attach a file" at Gmail (since ~May 11).
  • Fixed: 296803 - Drop down box disappears too soon when displayed above (since Jun 2).
  • Fixed: 291516 - [Mac] Command-Arrow navigation shortcuts should be reenabled.
  • Fixed: 296450 - Object Dom Node (in DOM Inspector) does not work anymore.
  • Fixed: 297005 - Dragging of file in empty area of tabbox opens in current selected tab (since Jun 7).
  • Fixed: 260549 - Right-clicking on bookmark in a folder on bookmarks toolbar loads bookmark and context menu (since Jun 4).
  • Fixed: 296764 - Arrow keys do not move cursor in input fields with JavaScript disabled (since Jun 3).
  • Fixed: 296413 - Tab key in print preview crashes Firefox (since ~Jun 2).

Fixes for bfcache (which is now enabled by default):

  • Fixed: 292903 - The bfcache should save and restore all resolved standard objects.
  • Fixed: 292954 - Bfcache/fastback doesn't play nicely with existing loads.
  • Fixed: 292971 - Sort out the progress listener story with fastback/bfcache.
  • Fixed: 298622 - [bfcache on] find fails on page with url typed.
  • Fixed: 298112 - Failure to repaint with bfcache.
  • WFM: 293234 - Animated GIFs sometimes freeze when going back or forward with bfcache.
  • WFM: 292934 - Favicon not updated when going back/forward in tab.

Other fixes:

  • Fixed: 283730 - [Windows] "Save As" dialog tries to overwrite link/shortcut (.lnk) file instead of opening the directory/folder. (This was fixed in a way that does not make Firefox users vulnerable to a security hole in Windows.)
  • Fixed: 76831 - [Windows] Slow to restore from minimized state (default config.trim_on_minimize to false).
  • Fixed: 227826 - URL of current tab incorrectly changed when Alt+Enter opens new tab from location bar.
  • Fixed: 259454 - IME input (e.g., Chinese, Japanese and Korean) cannot be performed in Find Toolbar when opened with "/" or "'".
  • Fixed: 176079 - Popup blocking does not stop Flash from opening windows. (Read more at jst's blog.)
  • Fixed: 100022 - PAC: first page/homepage load fails (b/c automatic proxy configuration is slower than first HTTP request).
  • Fixed: 217967 - FF104 crash [@ PL_DHashTableOperate ] changing caps access control prefs (e.g. as done by the NoScript extension).
  • Fixed: 123315 - Search plugins [engines] should be installed in the user's profile directory.
  • Fixed: 241282 - When choosing an alternative location via "Browse...", the Installer "defaults" to ns_temp subfolder.
  • Fixed: 184350 - About Popup Blocking dialog has a _working_ resizer in the status bar example.
  • Fixed: 264562 - Find As You Type / FastFind opens unexpectedly when rapidly opening a new webpage in a new tab.
  • Fixed: 62485 - Script type="text/ecmascript" is not recognized.
  • Fixed: 176767 - Menus at left edge of screen are shifted to the right slightly (Firefox File menu misaligned).
  • Fixed: 1781 - 1px double border invisible (was: division of space within double borders).
  • Fixed: 251625 - .part files not removed when cancelling or removing downloads.
  • Fixed: 243902 - About:plugins includes a link to netscape.
  • Fixed: 275519 - [Mac] Support Command+Option+Arrows for tab switching (like Camino).
  • Fixed: 292295 - Margin collapse fails if parent uses property clear.
  • Fixed: 64510 - Quirky horizontal alignment for RTL?.
  • Fixed (?): 113202 - Site icon loads in tab even if tab doesn't.
  • Fixed: 258901 - View Image should be disabled / not show on context menu when only image is being viewed.
  • Fixed: 255947 - [Windows] Missing borders for the progress bar with native classic widget on windows.
  • Fixed: 295407 - Finish button doesn't dismiss PFS dialog (manual installs).
  • Fixed: 292619 - To-be-installed extension disappears from EM during incompatible update check.
  • Fixed: 261679 - Provide anti-aliased PNG icons for Gnome and KDE.
  • Fixed: 259119 - Rdf/xml serializer needs to be less memory consuming.
  • Fixed: 274036 - [Mac] Scrollbars should look disabled when there's nowhere to scroll.
  • Fixed: 289797 - Remove the Info tab from the bookmarks properties dialog.
  • Fixed: 298894 - [Mac] Clean up the enter key behavior mess.
  • Fixed: 277434 - Setting .type property on <object> element doesn't create an HTML attribute type.
  • Fixed: 236300 - Safari Profile Migrator.

Since fastback/bfcache is enabled by default in this build, I have combined the "Most serious bugs that occur only when the experimental "fastback" feature is enabled" section with the list of regressions.

Regressions (new bugs):

  • With bfcache enabled: 293235 - When using the back button (or keyboard), visited links are not marked as visited.
  • With bfcache enabled: 298077 - Link remains focused when going back to the previous page using the back button and the focus can not be undone.
  • With bfcache enabled: 295931 - Rocker Navigation extension stops text entry into textarea.
  • Since June 22: 298677 - [Mac] Vertical scrollbar draws over toolbar and tabs when location or search bar has focus during scrolling.
  • Since ~June 14: 297751 - Empty update button on the Menubar.
  • Since May ??: 295539 - Dialog boxes sometimes display with no text.
  • Since ??: 295673 - Cannot scroll using keyboard when div with overflow:auto and padding has focus.
  • Since ~Jan 22: 279497 - Selected profile does not always appear focused.
  • Since November on trunk: 269927 - Tooltip appears after closing tab.

Checkins between 2005-06-07 08:00 and 2005-06-30 08:00

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

13 Responses to “2005-06-30 Trunk builds”

  1. Ian Says:

    Nice to see a layout bug form 1998 being fixed :)

  2. molgar.net Says:

    Menos popups en el nuevo firefox

    La próxima versión de firefox (me refiero a la 1.1) incorporará mejoras en la detección y eliminación de popups que ahora mismo la versión actual no es capaz de parar. En concreto se trata de esos que salen haciendo uso de plugins, habitualmente …

  3. Diego Pires Says:

    Official Windows installer is broken

  4. Ethan Says:

    The links were 403’ing for me initially, and now they seem to be straight out 404s. Something up with http://ftp.mozilla?

  5. complex Says:

    Ethan: Just change the links to ftp:// instead of http://.

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Ethan: http://ftp.mozilla.org is a pool of several mirrors, and lately some mirrors have been getting behind frequently. Replacing http://ftp.mozilla.org/ with http://mozilla.osuosl.org/ (one of the better mirrors) often helps.

  7. AC Says:

    Loose translation:

    Fewer popups in new Firefox

    The next version of Firefox (1.1) will improve the popup blocker to catch popups that 1.0 cannot currently catch. In particular, it blocks popups from plugins.

  8. red Says:

    please fix the autoscroll :D

  9. Fabian Says:

    This build crashes when surfing 456bereastreet.com. Sometimes on leaving the site via an extern link, sometimes on returning to a page withing the site with the back button. Maybe a fastback issue?!

  10. DerManoMann Says:

    The page title is not updated when switching between tabs and:
    1) the current tab contains an applet
    2) there was some interaction with the applet; for example clicked button in applet

    Also, tabs containing applets do not always close when using the close button (x). However, it works using right-click context menu ->’Close Tab’

    Both happens for me when openiging multiple chess games in tabs at http://www.chessgames.com.

  11. Weston Says:

    Has anyone else had a problem with tabs becoming invisible. For instance, sometimes I will start up this build and the tab bar is solid gray, even though multiple tabs are open and the red x button in the corner is also gray. This has only happened to me with the 6/30 build and did not happen with the 6/7 build or the 1.04, which still works correctly. Minimizing Deer Park and restarting Deer Park don’t seem to fix the problem, it just happens on occasion and later goes away.

  12. Mugros Says:

    I had the blank tab bar with a previous build. The newest build is fine. Also, check if your extensions are up-to-date. Session saver may have been also one cause of the problem. Session saver has to be updated manually.

  13. Weston Says:

    Thanks, Mugros. Updating to a new version of Session Saver solved the problem.