2005-05-31 Trunk builds (second round) (Deer Park alpha 1)

Fixes for regressions:

  • Fixed: 293419 - When upgrading from 1.0 to 1.1 ext's that are compatible based on their update.rdf do not work.
  • Fixed: 286299 - Extensions or themes installed in Firefox or Thunderbird 1.0.x don't appear on 1st launch of trunk build.
  • Fixed: 295847 - aSubject has no properties during software update.
  • Fixed: 295292 - Crash when using fixed positioning, with no data rendered inside element. (since ~May 23)

Other fixes:

  • Fixed: 276006 - Modified Signed extensions appear to install (but don't). Report the error.

Most serious bugs that occur only when the experimental "fastback" feature is enabled:

  • With fastback on: 292933 - Info. popup box on tinderbox display wrong details.
  • With fastback on: 292934 - Favicon not updated when going back/forward in tab.
  • With fastback on: 293235 - When using the back button (or keyboard), visited links are not marked as visited.
  • With fastback on: 294231 - With fastback on, clicking back on your mouse while viewing a PDF causes FF to hang.
  • With fastback on: 293234 - Animated GIFs sometimes freeze when going back or forward with bfcache.

Regressions (new bugs):

  • Since ??: 295673 - Cannot scroll using keyboard when div with overflow:auto and padding has focus.
  • Since ??: 295732 - Extensions fail to install with unexpected error -203, for some users.
  • Since ~May 11: 293761 - Layout screw-up after clicking on "Attach a file" at Gmail.
  • Since Feb 24: 284245 - Richedit/designMode not working anymore at blogger.com.
  • Since ~Jan 22: 279497 - Selected profile does not always appear focused.
  • Since November on trunk: 269927 - Tooltip appears after closing tab.

Checkins between 2005-05-27 15:00 and 2005-05-31 15:00

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer (discussion)

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

8 Responses to “2005-05-31 Trunk builds (second round) (Deer Park alpha 1)”

  1. colfer Says:

    Bug 281988 is still open.

  2. Smokey Ardisson Says:

    Amidst the other comments in bug 295673, Echidnae notes that it first appeared in the 20050429 Camino nightly….

  3. David B. Haun Says:

    On which set of 5-31-2005 nightlies is the Deer Park Alpha 1 based.

  4. Bob Says:

    I wonder if anyone could solve bug 252371 (incremental find/search in page does not find/highlight text in textarea/form/text entry boxes) – the bug which most people voted for. I think it would be a great step backwords if this bug is still there in ff1.1 – users wont be able to search in textareas resp. forms (think of all the weblog and wikiusers, who need this feature for proofreading!)

  5. colfer Says:

    OK, big Bug 281988 (Stop sharing DOM object wrappers between content and chrome) is now marked Fixed!

  6. rodii Says:

    I’m trying to use Deer Park and getting frustrated because neither the spacebar nor the arrow keys work for me when I try to use them for page scrolling. The only way I can scroll is by dragging the scrollbar thumbs. I haven’t found a bug for this, but I’m not that confident about my bugzilla-foo. Has anyone else seen this in any recent build? Is it a known bug?

    Also, as long as I’m fishing for bug info, a couple times of late when I open a google search result into a new tab, both tabs have focus and the leftmost one overwrites small parts of the new one (and can’t be closed). Anyone seen this, known bug, etc.? Thanks for any help.

  7. Smokey Ardisson Says:

    rodii, your scrolling bug certainly sounds like bug 295673 on the list above (depending on what’s focused when you try to scroll).

  8. rodii Says:

    Thanks Smokey. My problem seems at first blush to be more general than that, but maybe not. I’ll check it out.