2005-05-10 Trunk builds

Fixes for regressions:

  • Fixed regression: 293135 - Form content is lost when pressing back (regardless of whether fastback is enabled) (since May 5).
  • Fixed regression: 285544 - Safe Mode doesn't work (since Feb 23).
  • Fixed regression: 273200 - Ctrl+W in Find bar breaks middle-clicking links, find toolbar, and back button.
  • Fixed regression: 292431 - 15% performance regression on DHTML due to fix for bug 240276 (since Apr 29).
  • Fixed regression: 292312 - Scroll bars (scrollbars) are too small (since ~April 27).

Other fixes:

  • Fixed: 286525 - Installing / updating a theme creates a copy of the jar in the chrome directory.
  • Fixed: 248827 - Support HTTP/1.1 408 response code.
  • Fixed: 292051 - Shorten Image DDB's life.
  • Fixed: 293306 - Canvas leaks lots of memory.
  • Fixed: Several other Canvas bugs.

Most serious fastback bugs:

  • With fastback: 292933 - Info. popup box on tinderbox display wrong details.
  • With fastback: 292934 - Favicon not updated when going back/forward in tab.
  • With fastback: 293235 - When using the back button (or keyboard), visited links are not marked as visited.

Regressions (new bugs):

  • Since May 10: 293586 - Navigation icons change their shade of grey after time.
  • Since May 5: 293588 - Wrong items are selected in dropdowns (regardless of whether fastback is enabled).
  • Since ~May 2: 292690 - <marquee> regression causes unwanted horizontal page-widening.
  • Since Apr 15: 290673 - Hovering link sometimes triggers strange mouse and back button behavior.
  • Since Feb 24: 284245 - Richedit/designMode not working anymore at blogger.com.
  • Since ~Jan 22: 279497 - Selected profile does not always appear focused.
  • Since November on trunk: 269927 - Tooltip appears after closing tab.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer, Official Windows MSI (discussion)

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer

Mac builds: Official Mac

6 Responses to “2005-05-10 Trunk builds”

  1. Hrw Says:

    I hope that soon trunk will be usable again. Now I sticked with 20050418 build (official Linux one) – that one just works.

  2. Kevin Hanson Says:

    Why does he not link to the G4 / G5 optimized build of Firefox? Are they using a different build? Also, is the issue that kept bookmarks from displaying fixed?

  3. Bouncindave Says:

    When will adblock be working again! I cant stand the ads :(

  4. Scoob Says:

    Anybody know how to get the spoofX extension working with the trunk builds ?

    Even better would be a link to an updated version.

  5. pd Says:

    Is 1.0.4 supposed to include the fix for window icons? I installed it on Windows 98 and the icons are still the default Windows 98 icon.

  6. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    No, only the trunk (which will become Firefox 1.1 and future versions) has that fix.