2005-02-22 Trunk builds

  • Fixed: 282872 - [Regression] Download dialog OK button needs to be clicked TWICE to initiate download (since Feb 20).
  • Fixed: 258511 - In builds with SVG support, disable SVG by default (with a pref).
  • Fixed: 283063 - Leak domwindows when opening and closing tabs due to browser binding's focusedWindow member.
  • Fixed: 282721 - Real Player plugin install page shows next button too early.
  • Fixed: 229813 - CSS Errors in Firefox skins.
  • Fixed: 281361 - [RTL] Tab navigation with left/right arrow keys moves in the wrong direction.
  • Fixed: 242850 - [Mac] Closing Download Manager window while download happening asks to confirm quit.
  • Since Feb 21: 283046 - File input button does not properly render.
  • Since ~Jan 22: 279497 - Selected profile does not always appear focused.
  • Since ??: 278544 - Location bar of newly created tabs is not focussed after using find-as-you-type (not Ctrl-F); workaround: Ctrl-F.
  • Since ??: 273200 - Ctrl+W in Find bar breaks middle-clicking links, find toolbar, and back button.
  • Since Aviary landing: 272556 - about: is broken.
  • Since Aviary landing: 231361 - Download manager doesn't show downloaded filesize after 1MB if the filesize is "unknown".
  • Missing from trunk: 176177 - History, Bookmarks and Highlight buttons don't have a pressed state in WinXP Luna.
  • Since November on trunk: 269927 - Tooltip appears after closing tab.
  • Since September on trunk: 260951 - Go menu doesn't display recent page history until second opening.

Windows builds: Official Windows, Official Windows installer, Official Windows MSI (discussion), bangbang's, bluefyre's, moox'

Linux builds: Official Linux, Official Linux installer, grauw's

Mac builds: Official Mac, powerbook's

5 Responses to “2005-02-22 Trunk builds”

  1. Jean-Marc Gillet Says:

    283046 is already gone !
    Planet Mozilla -> Henrik Gemal -> checkin from 131456 “Memory use does not go down after closing tabs (resources not released)” in tomorrow’s build.

  2. Markus Lindström Says:

    Tabbrowser has quite a few issues today on trunk. Middleclicking on a link basically renders the browser unusable, as clicking on tabs ceases to work, and entering a new address or clicking on a bookmark has no effect whatsoever.

  3. José Jeria Says:

    Minor regression with 23th build:

  4. Dennis J. Says:

    The new options dialog has landed today. Unfortunately in the 20050225 build it’s broken beyond recognition (I only get a pixel chaos instead of a real window). Can’t wait to see it in action when it has fully arrived.

  5. Rich Says:

    I’ve just discovered moox’s optimized builds and am impressed by his analysis document which claims speedups of between 10%-35% over the mozilla releases.

    Has anyone else used these builds and are his builds considered a security risk since it’s possible he might have placed his own “nasty” code in the releases ?