Updated Firefox 1.1 changelog

I updated the Unofficial Firefox 1.1 changelog today.

4 Responses to “Updated Firefox 1.1 changelog”

  1. Phil Ringnalda Says:

    You sure about 160454? Since the bug ends with bz saying “Firefox doesn’t use this code, I filed bug 263698 for it” I rather thought we were still getting HEAD.

  2. vfwlkr Says:

    Isnt “Prefwindow V” a new feature?

  3. Darin Grimm Says:

    This list only shows actual improvements that are available in the nightly builds. THe PrefwindowV feature hasn’t “landed” on the trunk yet and so at this point isn’t a new feature in Firefox.

  4. Jesse Ruderman Says:

    Thanks Phil. I removed 160454 from the list.