2004-11-02 Branch builds

  • Fixed: 265371 - Crash when ISINDEX is used with position: fixed.
  • Fixed: 266000 - Bookmarks toolbar folder links to firefox product page.
  • Fixed: 266199 - Bump rv: version to 1.7.5.
  • Fixed: 266954 - A few default bookmarks are missing titles.

Windows builds: No official builds because axolotl was down (discussion), bangbang's O2 G7 SSE2

Mac builds: PowerBook's G4 Optimized

3 Responses to “2004-11-02 Branch builds”

  1. Ksp Says:

    Another build, and still no sign of, at least trying, fixing scroll bug :(

  2. Da Scritch Says:

    Does “Expand” always there ? (contextual menuin bookmark toolbar, on folders). A little bit stupid to get this entry, bolded and first one, as it’s inactivated !

  3. Uri Bernstein Says:

    That’s bug 243235. Feel free to vote for it.